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Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2015


Can you believe we are already at the beginning of the holiday season?  I love the holiday spirit, even if I am not a fan of the cold weather.  Hot chocolate, warm blankets, spending time with family and great food are some of my favourite things about this time of year.  It just wouldn’t be Christmas though without the  Toronto Santa Claus Parade,  which will be performing its 111th annual ceremony this week!

On Saturday November 15th, Santa Claus and more than 25 animated floats will commence the march from the Christie Pits (Bathurst and Bloor) at 12:30 and make its way down to St. Lawrence Market (Front and Jarvis). The parade will also include 2,000 costumed participants and 200 Celebrity Clowns who will be leading the way and providing added joy to the crowd. Check out the parade route below to see where Santa and friends are headed!


Started in 1905, The Santa Claus Parade has become a local tradition that initiates the festive season.  It is celebrated and enjoyed by Canadians all across the nation and worldwide. The Toronto Santa Claus parade is considered to be the longest running children’s parade in the world!

For more information about the parade, visit the Santa Claus Parade website. If you plan to attend, be sure to plan ahead, come early and find the perfect spot to view the parade. You may want to plan to take the TTC into downtown and avoid traffic. If you’re coming with children, make sure to bring blankets, extra clothing and enough water, snacks and activities to keep them busy while waiting for the parade to start! Once the march begins, just sit back and enjoy the incredible floats – including a Harry Potter themed float-  that are in the parade this year!

You can also follow the Toronto Santa Claus Parade organization on Twitter @TOSanta, Facebook, or on Instagram. You can also follow the news about Santa Claus Parade with the hashtag  #TOSanta!

Canadian Tire is a proud sponsor of the Santa Claus Parade and will be hosting Mrs. Claus on the second last float of the parade.  Check out the great CANVAS products from Canadian Tire that Mrs. Claus will be using on the float:

santa parade

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Are you and your family heading to the parade this year?


kathy downey

Friday 13th of November 2015

Too far away to attend but we do watch on TV

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Thursday 12th of November 2015

It's a bit far to come to watch a parade but it will no doubt be fun for those who can attend.:-)