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Top Holiday Toy & Game Picks From Hasbro

Top holiday toy & hame picks from Hasbro including Peppa pig, My Little Pony, Beyblade, and more! Find something for everyone on your list.

Looking for the perfect gift for the little ones on your list this holiday season? Hasbro has you covered! From classic games like Monopoly to this seasons hot toys, we’ve got the top toy and game picks for all ages.

So whether you’re looking for a gift that will keep the kids entertained all day long or something to put a smile on their faces, Hasbro has you covered. Check out our top picks for 2022 below!

Peppa's Kids-Only Clubhouse Playset

Peppa’s Kids-Only Clubhouse Playset

For the little ones, Hasbro has a fun selection of Peppa Pig toys. My younger daughter is turning 9 in a few weeks but she is still obsessed with Peppa pig and she was super excited to play with the Peppa’s Kids Only Clubhouse playset.

The clubhouse is suited to ages 3 and up, and sure to be a hit with any Peppa pig fan.

The playset features a moveable wall that shows a bakery scene on one side, and a store scene on the other. When you flip over the wall, and place a figure on the hotspot, the set plays different clubhouse sounds and phrases.

The set includes plenty of fun accessories as well as a Peppa Pig figure and Rebecca Rabbit figure. There is even a slide and tire swing for outdoor fun. What I love about the clubhouse is that it really does spark imaginative play.

Also available this year from Hasbro is the Peppa Pig All Around Peppa’s Town playset – a fun little car track.

My Little Pony Mini World Magic Epic Mini Crystal Brighthouse Toy

My little pony is such a classic, and the mini world toys are both fun and adorable. My Little Pony Mini World Magic sets consist of tiny scenes and adorable characters inspired by the My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale series.

This Mini Crystal Brighthouse set comes with 5 ponies in a tiny, adorable 1-inch scale: Sunny Starscout, Zipp Storm, Posey Bloom, Daring Flare, and Maverick Mauve.

Plug accessories and set up the scene-building pieces to customize the Crystal Brighthouse. Then assemble the cardboard scenes to expand on locations inspired by Maretime Bay. The cardboard buildings are pretty sturdy and could last awhile depending on how rough your children play.

The compact portion is definitely the star of the show though so it won’t mean heartbreak when the buildings eventually fall apart. That said, my daughter does have another play set with loads of cardboard components and a year later they are still in great condition because she is just so careful with them.

Once kids have had their fun, they can take the pieces apart, then build it again in a new design.

Although the set is supposed to be a portable compact, we were not able to close the compact with any of the pieces still inside, even after taking it apart. It can still be a great travel toy though if you pack the figures and plastic props and accessories in a plastic bag.

You can also detach the play set’s rainbow handle and use it as a bridge to connect other Mini World Magic sets. There are a variety of compact creations sets available that are designed to connect with the Crystal Brighthouse and each other.

I wish this play set had been designed a little more with portability in mind, but it is still a really enjoyable play set and my daughter is quite pleased with it.

Beyblade Burst Pro Series Evo Elite Champions Pro Set

This set is aimed at kids ages 8 and up, and is something my almost 11 year old daughter has been asking for, for awhile. She has really gotten into anime and manga lately, and she loves to play with Beyblade with her friends. Until now, she has not had a beystadium or any beyblades of her own, so the Beyblade Burst Pro Series Evo Elite Champions Pro Set made for a great choice to get her started.

The stadium is sturdy, good quality and comes with two battling tops, launchers, as well as stickers so you can customise the Beystadium. You can purchase more Beyblade Burst Pro Series tops to change up the battles more as well.

Assembling the stadium is easy work, my daughter was able to assemble everything herself. It might be a little more challenging though for an 8 year old.

I thought it was really neat that the battling tops are made differently with unique weights, styles and characteristics. This set includes Sword Valtryek which is a right-spin, attack type top with a rubber on performance tip for dynamic battling. It also includes Wizard Fafnir which is a left-spin, stamina type top with spin steal ability, stealing momentum from opponents to power its own.

Collecting more tops is a fun way for kids to experiment and learn good decision making skills as they figure out which tops work best vs others. Keep in mind that the pro series features authentic Japanese tops which are not compatible with non-pro series beys. The pro series have a heavier weight and more battle performance features.

Wordle: The Party Game

My girls actually are given a daily Wordle to solve in school this year which has sparked a love for the game. It’s continued to be a really popular online game but now you can make it part of family game night with Wordle: The Party Game. It’s a perfect family gift from “Santa”.

Inspired by the popular digital version, Wordle: The Party Game features the same gameplay fans love, but players compete in real life to solve the Wordle.

Players take turns writing down a 5-letter Secret Word. The others try to guess it in the fewest tries to win. Use the Wordle dry-erase boards and markers to play as many rounds as there are players.

It’s a great game for wordle fans, and a great way for school-aged kids to expand their vocabulary, work on spelling, and of course, have fun.

Of course, Hasbro has a load more great options for literally everyone on your list. I also got my older daughter a Roblox edition of monopoly for Christmas. She is obsessed with Roblox, but also loves family game night so it felt like a match made just for her.

She also asked for the Nerf roblox zombie attack viper strike blaster which is definitely a great pick for any kid who loves Zombie Attack in Roblox,

Another classic pick are Play-Doh play sets. My younger daughter has been eyeing the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Colorful Cafe Playset which admittedly does look pretty amazing.

You will have to check out the Hasbro Canada website for even more fantastic gift options that kids will absolutely actually play with.