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The Ultimate Christmas Planner

I’ve got the ultimate Christmas planner sheets to help you organize all your holiday plans and budget. Get the free printable sheets here!

I've got the ultimate Christmas planner sheets to help you organize all your holiday plans and budget. Get the free printable sheets here!

The holiday season is almost upon us and it’s time to get in the spirit! Are you looking for a way to manage all of your holiday events and activities?

Well, look no further because we’ve got just what you need.

We present our ultimate Christmas planner; an easy-to-use tool that will help you plan out every minute detail of your holidays.

Now celebrating this festive season can be stress free! So sit back, relax and let us help you take care of everything from now until the New Year with our printable planner. Christmas planning has never been so easy – enjoy a stress-free holiday season with this free Christmas planner!

34 page PDF file including the following planner pages:

  • Christmas Braindump
  • Budgeting Planner
  • Gift Ideas Planner
  • Gift Tracker (store bought)
  • Gift Tracker (online order)
  • Stocking Stuffers List
  • Holiday Decor Inventory
  • Holiday Decor Shopping List
  • Holiday Decor Bin Labels
  • Christmas Brunch: guestlist, menu, guest contributions, grocery list by meal, general grocery list
  • Christmas Dinner: guestlist, menu, guest contributions, grocery list by meal, general grocery list
  • Christmas Cooking Prep
  • Christmas Day Weekly Prep Planner
  • Undated December Calendar
  • Important Reminders
  • Notes
  • Advent Calendar of Activities (blank)
  • Merry Christmas Tags
  • Christmas Gift Tags
  • Christmas Leftover Tags

You can download all 34 pages of this Free Printable Christmas Planner at the end of the article.

(Please note that this is being offered to you completely free while similar planners go for $10 or more on Etsy. Scrolling through all the details about the planner sheets to get to the download is a fair exchange.)

I would suggest grabbing a Letter Size planner binder so that you can keep your Christmas planner printables organized, and kept nicely. It’s a great way to look back in future years for more meal planning. You can also keep it simple by using a 3-ring binder.

Christmas Brainstorming Printable Sheet, Christmas Gift Ideas Planner, Christmas Gift Tracker

Christmas Brainstorming Printable Sheet

Use this Christmas brainstorming printable to sort out and come up with ideas for the most fantastic holiday celebrations. Write down all your ideas for what you want to do this Christmas season.

I think this is a great sheet for when you see those really fun ideas on social media throughout the year too. Just take quick notes whenever you feel inspired.

Christmas Gift Ideas Planner Page

The Christmas gift idea planner allows you to track who will be gifting to, your budget for the recipient, plenty of room to write out different ideas, and finally room to note what you will actually be gifting them.

This is a great way to get your gift lists organized and help make sure you don’t go overboard! This Christmas gift planner is the perfect way to keep track.

Christmas Gift Tracker Printable

This is probably my most favourite two sheets in the lot. There is the in-store gift tracker shown above, but also an online version.

Once you have sorted out your gift ideas planner page, it’s time to get shopping for Christmas gifts! Use the Christmas Gift Tracker printable to take notes about where you plan to purchase the gift, check it off once purchased, and then finally check off once you have wrapped it.

The other sheet is the Online Christmas Gift Tracker which also allows you to track the order and tracking numbers as well as if you have received the purchased items or not. So handy, and a great way to make sure you aren’t missing anything!

Christmas stocking stuffers list, christmas budget printable sheet, note sheet.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers List

Keep track of the stocking stuffers you are gifting with this printable stocking stuffer list. I find it’s a great way to make sure I am gifting my kids an equal amount of stuff.

Christmas Budget Printable Sheet

Staying on track with your budget and not over-extending yourself financially is a lot easier when you track your holiday spending. Take notes about how much you intend to spend on gifts, food, decor, etc… Then track how much you actually did spend with this budget tracker.

Note Sheet

Use this sheet for any notes you may want to write down about your holiday planning. Print off as many of these as you need for your holiday planning binder.

Leftover Food Bag Tags, Printable Christmas Gift Tags.

Leftover Food Bag Tags

Stick these on any left over Christmas dinner party food you are sending home with your guests. This way you can store their leftovers in the fridge and it’s easy to find and grab as your guests leave.

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Print these out on cardstock or even on sticker sheets and cut out to use as gift tags. I love the simple but festive designs of these.

December calendar sheet, 1 month until chrristmas planner, Important reminders.

December Calendar

Use this calendar to keep track of important dates over the holidays.

1 Month Until Christmas Planner

This detailed planner sheet gives you space to organize your to-do list for the month of December to help you stay on track of holiday tasks for planning the best Christmas ever. This weekly planner will help you organize your time wisely for a perfect Christmas.

Important Reminders

Any important notes that you want to give high priority to.

Christmas dinner guest contributions, Christmas Dinner Grocery list by meal type, christmas dinner General grocery shopping list.

Christmas Dinner Guest Contributions

If you are planning a Christmas dinner with your guests contributing to the meal, this sheet is a great way to keep track of who is bringing what. This way you can make sure your dinner has enough of everything.

Christmas Dinner Grocery List by Meal Type

I’ve included two different Grocery Shopping Lists for your convenience. This list allows you to write out what your need to buy, organized by course.

Christmas Dinner General Grocery Shopping List

This list allows you to organize your groceries by category.

Christmas Cooking preparation organizer, christmas dinner guestlist, christmas dinner menu.

Christmas Cooking Preparation Organizer

Organize what you need to get done so there is less chaos in your kitchen on Christmas day. I tend to get frazzled if I don’t write down what needs to get done and when. It removes a lot of stress out of prepping Christmas dinner.

Christmas Dinner Guestlist

Have a large list of guests coming for dinner? Make use of this Christmas dinner guest list printable sheet to track who is coming, how many kids, what they are bringing, and if they have any dietary restrictions you need to plan for.

Christmas Dinner Menu

Plan out your complete Christmas Dinner Menu with what you will be making, and what guests will be bringing. This is where your Christmas dinner all comes together.

If you are looking for recipe cards I also have a separate Christmas Meal Planner (also completely free) that includes holiday themed recipe cards and place cards for the dinner table.

christmas brunch planner sheets

Christmas Brunch Planner Sheets

My family used to have a large Christmas Brunch every year with my grandparents, aunt and uncle. I used to love this fancy breakfast together after opening gifts, it’s a lovely tradition. If you are planning Brunch in addition to, or instead of Christmas dinner, these sheets are specifically for brunch.

Christmas decor inventory sheet, christmas decor shopping list, christmas decor bin tags.

Christmas Decor Inventory

Keep track of your Christmas decor! This set will help you track and organize your Chrimstas decor. Label your Christmas decor bins with the bin tags, then use the inventory sheet to note where each item is stored for easy retrieval each year.

Christmas Decor Shopping List

Need to update your decor? Use this shopping list to note down exactly what you need.

Christmas Decor Bin Tags

Print these bin tags on a sticker sheet.

Christmas planner binder cover, advent activities calendar.

Christmas Planner Binder Cover

Use this Christmas Planner Cover for your binder cover.

Advent Activities Calendar

You can use this sheet anyway you like. To organize fun holiday activities leading up to Christmas. Plan out your holiday baking. Or maybe take note of one Christmas movie to watch each day.

I've got the ultimate Christmas planner sheets to help you organize all your holiday plans and budget. Get the free printable sheets here!


Enjoy your most organized Christmas ever thanks to this comprehensive holiday planner!


  1. Download the Christmas Planner to your computer to a secure, easily accessible folder
  2. Print at home, office (if allowed) or at a professional printing service
  3. Organize in any binder you may have on hand and make your own Christmas planner.

You may use this file for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY. File sharing, distribution, and commercial use of this file or of the printed work from this file are prohibited. You are welcome to print as many copies as you like for yourself. The designs can not be used for any commercial purpose or resold. You may NOT use these files for publishing on any platform under any circumstances.