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Hobbies That Can Help Put Money in the Bank

Hobbies That Can Help Put Money in the Bank so you can boost your personal finances.You can't go wrong making money doing what you love!

Stanislaw Mikulski |

One of the best feelings in the world is doing what you love and making money doing it. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to make money doing what they’re passionate about it. Fortunately, if you’re zealous about any these hobbies, you can transform your hobby into money in the bank.


Many people love taking pictures and make it a hobby of snapping shots of people and nature. If you’re creative enough and have the right equipment, you can transform your hobby into a photography business that puts money in the bank. You can do this by taking pictures of families, kids, or weddings. You can also take pictures of nature or items and try to sell the rights to these photos online.


Organization is not a skill that everyone possesses, so if you are good at it, and enjoy doing it, you can help others organize their homes and offices as a professional organizer.


Blogging is another hobby that can put money in the bank. Many bloggers are paid to show ads, receive endorsements from large companies or do affiliate marketing. There are so many ways bloggers can earn cash! If you’re passionate about blogging, take that passion and change it into a lucrative job that your bank account will love. I’ve written several guides to help you start a blog and make some cash.


Maybe blogging isn’t your thing, but have you ever considered becoming a freelance writer? If you love writing there are plenty of opportunities for you as a freelance writer from ghostwriting to submitting your work to online and offline publications.


Another great hobby that can be turned into money in the bank is crafting. One way you can earn money crafting is to sell your crafts at a craft show or on a website such as Etsy. Sewing and knitting are huge at the moment and there is a lot of earning potential there. Regardless of how  you sell your ideas, your crafting hobby will definitely help put money in the bank.


If you love baking then start offering cakes and cupcakes for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. People love homemade baked goods and not many people have the time or skill to execute a perfectly decorated birthday cake. Cash in on your skill!


Having a hobby isn’t just a fun thing to do in your spare time. It’s also a great opportunity to make some extra cash, either as your main job or as a side job. What are your hobbies? Does your favourite hobby put money in your bank account?

Elva Roberts

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

I like baking and I also love knitting. you have given me some ideas on how I can use the latter for profit. I love all your frugal tips and read your posts several times.

Ms. Frugal Asian Finance

Saturday 1st of April 2017

You have such great ideas in the post! I like writing and being frugal, so I decided to start a blog about personal finances as an outlet for my passion and ideas. Great to know that you think the same :)