The Little Red Hen Story Puppets

Last Updated on November 1, 2020

  Make these The Little Red Hen Story Puppets with just a few craft supplies you probably have on hand and get ready to retell the classic story!



This craft for The Little Red Hen Story Puppets helps make retelling this classic story even more fun. Kids story puppets like these ones are a great way to get kids fully engaged in reading time.

My favourite version of The Little Red Hen is the The Little Red Hen by Little Golden Books, which you can grab from Amazon if you don’t already own a copy.


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The Little Red Hen Story Puppets


Colourful craft paper
Craft glue
Little Red Hen Template






Select different colored craft papers for the story items and characters. Let’s start with the paper animal crafts. Trace the cat, dog, mouse and hen patterns on the elected colored craft papers and cut them out nicely using scissors.



Glue each animal together to complete the animal papercrafts, as pictured.



Use a black sharpie or gel pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the papercraft animals (hen, cat, dog and mouse).



Trace the windmill, seeds, wheat crops, and flour sack and bread patterns on the papers selected for these items. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.



Attach the patterns of each item to complete the crafts. Stick the wheat crops together, write ‘Flour’ on the big sack; stick the seed cutouts on the top side of the small sack pattern and stick the fan on the square paper to craft the windmill.



Stick the animal papercrafts on the popsicle sticks; stick the windmill on a popsicle stick as well. You can keep the rest of the items free and place them on the hen puppet while telling the story.




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