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How to Stay Connected with Your Childless Friends After Having a Baby

It definitely takes a lot of work to maintain relationships with friends after you first become a mom, but using these tips can help you stay connected with your childless friends after having a baby.

Roman Samborskyi |


Once you become a parent, it can be easy to feel like your whole life revolves around your kids. Although your children should definitely be your top priority, you also need to take care of yourself and your friendships. It’s easier to do that if your friends have kids themselves, but how do you take care of your friendships with childless friends. It definitely takes a lot more work to maintain those relationships, but using these tips can help you stay connected with your childless friends after having a baby.


Plan a Girls’ Night

One of the best ways to stay connected with your childless friend is to actually spend time with her. To do this, plan a girls’ night on a regular basis. The rules of this night are simple. Girls’ night is for you and her (and any other girlfriends you have). No husbands or kids allowed. By taking time away from your family to spend time with your friend, you’re showing her that she is one of your priorities. Plus, you’ll get to have a night to yourself without having to take care of your kids.


Talk to Each Other During Nap time

Even if you can’t physically get together, make sure you set aside time to talk to your childless friend. Even if you can only do this during naptime or after your kids have gone to bed, take a few moments to text her a funny meme or remind her of an inside joke from your childless days. Even if you need to schedule reminders to do it. The more you talk, the closer you will remain and the easier it will be to remember to reach out to her – even during the fog of those first few months.


Ask Your Friend about Her Life

Even though your life might feel like it is consumed by the new addition to your family, keep in mind that your friends have their own lives. Make sure you ask your childless friend about what is going on in her life. Listen to her woes without comparing them to your own.


Invite her to Family Gatherings

Just because she doesn’t have kids doesn’t mean you can’t invite your childless friend to your family events. If your child is about to turn one, invite your friend to the birthday party. Even though you need to spend girl time with your friend, your family is a big part of who you are. Invite your friend to share that part of your life with you so that she feels included in everything that is important to you.



Staying connected with your childless friends can be difficult after you have a baby. However, by showing your friend how much you cherish her and by setting aside time for her, you will nurture your friendship so that it continues to grow. Believe me, new motherhood can be a lonely thing, but with care it doesn’t need to be that way.