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Smithsonian Ocean a children’s visual encyclopedia

Smithsonian Ocean a children's visual encyclopedia 

A stunning visual encyclopedia for kids, packed with stunning photography and amazing facts on every aspect of ocean life.

From the Arctic to the Caribbean, tiny plankton to giant whales, sandy beaches to the deepest depths, our oceans are brought to life with astonishing images, simple, stylish graphics, and crystal-clear text explanations in Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia.

DK’s Visual Encyclopedias are the first substantial series of encyclopedias aimed at young children, designed to excite and entertain, while offering a comprehensive overview of core subjects. From science and the human body to animals, ocean, space, and more, each book combines fun facts, amazing pictures, and crystal-clear explanations to take kids into the wonders of our world.




I can always count on DK Publishing to provide amazing books that both my kids and myself will read and enjoy over and over.

This reference book, Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia, by John Woodward is one of the best Ocean related books that I have come across. It is broken into seven colour-coded sections including Atlas of the Oceans, Blue Planet, The Open Ocean, Shallow Seas, Coast and Seashore, Polar Seas, and Oceans and Us.

Each section includes page after page of vibrantly alive photos and engaging illustrations accompanied by plentiful facts that will surprise even most adults. It’s truly a beautiful book that presents even the most complicated subjects in an easy to understand way.




Darlene W

Thursday 29th of September 2016

what a fabulous book, exploring the sea and what it has to offer

Laurie P

Wednesday 31st of August 2016

We have this really is a fantastic book!

kathy downey

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

This is a book i think my grandson would enjoy!

Laurent L

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

This is a wonderful book. I love the beautiful pictures and simple text for children.