New Parents get peace of mind with Snuza Go! #SnuzaGo

Last Updated on August 8, 2014

Snuza Go!  #SnuzaGo

As you may know (or not!), my eldest daughter, Keira, who is now somehow already 2 and a half years old was once a tiny 3 lbs and very premature baby. She spent the first two months of her life hooked up to monitors as she would often suffer from Bradycardia (low heart pace) and apnea (forgetting to breathe). While it was frightening when those monitors went off, they also provided peace of mind.

I panicked at the thought of having to bring her home and leaving her to sleep without anything monitoring her. I didn’t want to be constantly and needlessly worrying about her. I went out and purchased a baby movement monitor so I could do things around the house while she napped without constantly running in to check on her. More importantly so that I could sleep without waking up in a panicked state wondering if she was OK.

The movement monitor was a life saver for a couple of months. Then she did something that inevitably happens to babies. She got super squirmy! She started to do crazy things in her sleep and I would often find her bent around the corner of her crib fast asleep (and perfectly fine).

The problem with this is that once baby gets far enough away from the sensor pad it thinks the baby isn’t breathing anymore and the alarm sounds. Much like when you have a smoke alarm in or near your kitchen that goes off whenever you boil water, you eventually become desensitized.

I found myself responding slower and slower to these false alarms. Still I continued to use that monitor because every now and then she would take an extra long nap, and even with the monitor I worried a little. Can you imagine those long naps if I didn’t have that monitor? Yikes.

Bringing Ava home was a little bit different since she was a normal full-term baby. I still worried though, as new mothers do, and we still used that movement monitor. Of course at 7 months old, and already crawling I am constantly running up to her room to move her away from the end of the crib to get her back on the sensor pad. (Why are babies so attracted to the ends of their cribs?)


Snuza Go!  #SnuzaGo

I was recently introduced to the Snuza Go!, an easy to use movement monitor that clips onto your baby’s diaper with no wires or sensor pads. It features an ultra-sensitive flexible tip which detects even the slightest movement. (The idea is to sense breathing, not so much rolling around for those wondering.)

An audible alarm is emitted if it does not detect movement for a period of 20 seconds. Parents can also easily reduce the timer to 18 or 15 seconds. For extra reassurance and peace of mind, the Snuza Go! also alerts you when your baby’s movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute.

Since it does not require a sensor pad, I need only ensure that the Snuza Go! is fitted properly to Ava’s diaper and turned on so I can be worry free with absolutely no false alarms! Plus thanks to its small size and lack of cords and sensor pad it is easy to tuck into my purse for use anywhere.

Another benefit is that since the Snuza Go! is attached to baby there will never again be loud alarms going off in the middle of the night when I take baby out of the crib for a feeding and forget to turn off the monitor. Oops.

The Snuza Go! can be used in conjunction with a sound or video monitor if needed to extend the distance at which the alarm can be heard.  I do need to do this in my current house but when we were living in a bungalow the Snuza Go! alone would have worked just fine.

While these Snuza Go! cannot prevent the worst from happening, it certainly gives me peace of mind without all the false alarms so that Ava can keep sleeping and I can write uninterrupted.


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88 thoughts on “New Parents get peace of mind with Snuza Go! #SnuzaGo

  1. I just remember being so happy to be home and out of the hospital. We snuggled up and slept. Everything else was forgotten.

  2. My best memory is the first time I came into the room to see my husband had chosen to pick up the baby and hold him for no reason. It was so nice to see him finally comfortable enough to just want to snuggle the little guy.

  3. My favourite memory of bringing her home was introducing her to her new home. We had just moved into a larger apartment a month before she arrived to have extra space for her.

  4. Being home with my hubby and my baby and knowing this was going to be a great and wonderful change….and it was…..oh so many years ago. Now I watch my great granddaughter grow since she and her mother moved in with us….

  5. The most memorable memory was bringing the baby home. She was still in her infant seat, sleeping away. We placed her down in her seat on the living room floor. My husband and I both looked at each other and said “So, what do we do now”. It was rather funny after a few stressful days.

  6. The proud look on my father’s face when I walked through the door of my house with her.. he was waiting so very patiently 🙂

  7. My daughter was a 3lb preemie and I didn’t get to bring her home until she was 8 weeks old, it was so scary for the first few nights!

  8. Just getting to finally see the baby I had dreamed of laying in the crib we built for her.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  9. the look on the face of 3 1/2 year old ‘big sister’ as she held her baby sister for the first time

  10. I can only imagine what it will be like and I can’t wait! I think I will be overwhelmed with joy thinking about how all my biggest dreams have finally come true.

  11. The first night, my husband and I brought him home and just stood and looked at him so much, we stayed up the whole first night just amazed at what we had created. So much love in the house that day.

  12. I just brought my 4th child home on the July 30,and I loved being able to cuddle with her and not being bugged my the drs and nurses,it was also so amazing to watch my other kids interact with her 🙂 Proud momma!

  13. I just loved getting out of that hospital. I was in for a week with my first daughter. She was perfect but I was not. The relief to finally make it home even though I still needed a lot of help was overwhelming.

  14. this is an amazing product; my fondest memory would be just being able to hold my baby all day. I remember being so scared when she would be sleeping that I would be checking on her every 2 minutes making sure she was ok. She is now 12 and I still check on her everynight.

    My best friend is due to have her baby in September and I know she would love this product. She is if not worse as paranoid as I am when it comes to babies sleeping

  15. I’m a FTM to be so have no memories of bringing home a newborn. I can’t wait until November when I get to change that!

  16. My favorite memory of bringing our daughter home is when my boyfriend and I were peacefully watching at our beautiful baby girl sleep in her bassinet for the first time. The amount of love is unexplainable and the best feeling in the world.

  17. we also brought home a little preemie girl. My favourite memory of bringing her home was being able to leave the hospital after spending 28 days on the maternity ward with a PPRM and then 14 days in NICU with wee miss. Fresh air and being able to walk more then 2 feet away from a bed with my baby girl was the best feeling in the world.

  18. My favorite memory was bringing home our daughter and letting her meet her older brother. It was so sweet to see how much they loved eachother!

  19. My favorite memory is bringing my little one home and finally putting him into the nursery and clothes that I had been getting ready for the past 7 months

  20. Wondering how I was going to re-learn how to live day by day. Lots of adjustments, which all came easier than I ever expected.

  21. Actually walking in the door and realizing that he was ours, we did it! After 2 loses I didn’t really believe that it would happen. I cried for quite a while.

  22. My favorite moment bringing my baby home was just introducing her to her sister and holding and putting her to bed. At 17 weeks I was told my baby wouldn’t make it past 24 hours and I shouldn’t keep her but I keep my baby and that was best decision ever. She has a lot of health issues but fights everyday. I thank god I made the decision to keep her and I’ll forever treasure her first night home because I was unsure if I ever have it.

  23. We haven’t brought ours home yet, but im sure there will be plenty of memories worth remembering and a few worth forgetting.

  24. My daughter seeing her sister for the first time, she was premature and still is very small but my oldest daughter is so gentle and sweet with her

  25. My favorite part of bringing my baby home has been the family cuddles in bed in the morning. It is the sweetest feeling to have my newborn snuggled up in one arm and my two year old in the other.

  26. Snuggling but with my daughter and my son on the rocking chair and just embracing the moment! Priceless! Finally both my babies were with me. Just pure bliss!

  27. My favorite part of introducing him to his big sister who is 4. She kept saying can we keep him? She just fell in love with him the moment they met.

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