My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset #FMEGifts14


 Design and build your own pony and sweet shop with the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe playset! It’s easy to snap together your delicious-looking little shop. Then you can customize your Pinkie Pie pony to look just as sweet with the hair, tail and stickers! You can even mix it up with parts from other ponies (other My Little Pony Pop kits sold separately). Every adventure will be more delicious than the last with the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe playset!


 We received the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe playset for the purpose of review for my holiday gift guide.  This set is meant for children 4 years and up with a warming about it not being for children under 3 years because of small parts.  Normally I take these warnings under advisement and make my own decision based on how well I know my children and where they are developmentally.  Because of that I decided not to do a full review of the playset with my almost 3 year old.  Not that I think Keira would try to eat the parts, but more because I am not sure she would play with it correctly yet and I know the small parts would end up within my 11 month old daughters reach and she would choke on them. 


What you need to know about this playset is that it is pretty much a model playset that you need to put together.  This requires adult help with removing the parts from the frame and your child may also require more help with assembly depending on their skills. 

The set includes 1 pony body which comes in 2 pieces, hair, tail, stickers, and sweet shop pieces allowing your child to build the shop and design their own pony with fun stickers.

Keira has also been begging to play with the My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset  ever since she saw the box sitting around so I know it will be a huge hit when I feel more comfortable with having her play with it. 

If you have a My Little Pony fan this looks like a really fun and hands on toy!



 Buy it:

Purchase the My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset from Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore and Target for only $24.99




11 thoughts on “My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset #FMEGifts14

  1. How cute is this! I am sure my niece would love this but Auntie has already got her Christmas presents for this year.

  2. I like this cute little shop and I’m sure my granddaughter would too, she loves My Little Pony.

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