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How to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

Are you looking to make your next camping trip more comfortable? Check out these tips for making tent camping more enjoyable!

Are you looking to make your next camping trip more comfortable? Check out these tips for making tent camping more enjoyable!

Camping has the potential to be an amazing experience. From family and friends, to exciting camping games and delicious food made with your favourite campfire cooking kit, there is something for everyone when you get back to nature.

While camping can be fun, it can also have its downfalls.

Let’s face it, sleeping in a tent can be downright uncomfortable, and sleepless nights take away from the all the fun camping has to offer.

Thankfully there are ways to make tent camping more comfortable, without compromising your outdoor experience.

Select the Right Size Tent

Trying to fit an abundance of people into a small tent is a recipe for discomfort.

Always make sure to select a tent that can accommodate the number of people you wish to fit inside it comfortably.

In fact, sometimes it is a better idea to select a tent that is just a little bigger than necessary. This is because you are also going to want to fit in other comfort objects for each person like air mattresses, additional pillows and some other camping gear.

A bigger tent will give you the space you require to accommodate everyone and their belongings without having to be crammed directly together.

It is also important that when selecting a tent, you make sure that it is weather resistant, you don’t want it to get wet inside.

Choose a Great Camp Site

If you want your tent camping experience to be more comfortable it is important to choose a high-quality camp site to pitch your tent. When selecting your site make sure to choose one that has level ground and is free of debris and objects that could otherwise make the floor of your tent uncomfortable.

It is also a good idea to ensure that you aren’t camping in close proximity to the water. This is because the wind blowing across the water can make your camping experience extremely chilly.

Use a Tarp Underneath the Tent

Using a tarp underneath your tent can help to create an extra layer between you and the cold, hard and sometimes wet ground. Tarps are great for protecting the floor of your tent from moisture and even dirt and debris, increasing your comfort levels.

Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag makes all the difference when it comes to tent camping. You will want to make sure that you select a sleeping bag that has the right temperature rating for where you will be camping.

The right sleeping bag will provide you with warmth, comfort and some even zip together to allow for you to accommodate more than one sleeper.

Use a Sleeping Pad

There are three different types of sleeping pads to choose from. If you are looking for something light weight a closed cell pad is your best bet. If you want the highest comfort level, choose an air pad.

Self inflating pads are also fantastic and are a mix between light-weight and comfortability. While sleeping pads aren’t considered a necessity, they have a huge impact on your comfort levels. These pads are a great way to put a comfortable barrier between you and the hard ground, giving you a much softer surface to sleep on.

There are several ways to make camp tenting more comfortable. Just make sure that you select the right tent, choose a great campsite, use a tarp to cover the ground, choose the right sleeping bag and use a sleeping pad.

Doing all these things will greatly increase the chances of you getting a good night’s sleep and having an excellent outdoor adventure.