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7 Must-See Attractions in Florida

Florida is home to many amusement parks, state parks, caves, beautiful beaches and many other attractions. Florida is an extremely popular vacation destination and it’s not hard to see why, check out these 7 must-see attractions in Florida!

Florida is the home to many amusement parks, state parks, caves, beautiful beaches and many other attractions. Florida is an extremely popular vacation destination and it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful Sunshine state offers a variety of choices regardless of what kind of traveller you are. Boasting several family friendly activities, Florida is an amazing place to book your next vacation.

Best Attractions in Florida

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Orlando is a great place to visit, regardless of your age. If you’re travelling with your family, you can take advantage of the kid-friendly experiences available and stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. If you’re travelling by yourself, there are still plenty of experiences that you’ll enjoy! No matter your age, you can plan your visit to include all of your favourites.

Discovery Cove

Located in Orlando Florida, Discovery cove is an amazing marine attraction and theme park all in one. If you are interested in swimming with the Dolphins, you can visit the Dolphin swim where you can play with the bottlenose dolphins. At Discovery cove, you can interact with a large range of marine life, visit the coral reef or float down the Tropical river from one attraction to the other.

Kennedy Space Center

Another gem hidden in Florida is the Kennedy Space Center. If you love learning about space and our country’s history, then this is an attraction for you. When you visit the space center, you’ll get the chance to experience such extraordinary events as a shuttle launch or a journey to Mars. The Kennedy Space Centre is an out-of-this-world experience you can’t miss.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Located in Tampa Bay Florida, Busch Gardens is an amazing African themed amusement park. The park has several different areas, each of which have their own theme and are named after a different part of Africa. Busch Gardens is famous for it’s rollercoasters that are spread throughout the park but is also well known for it’s variety of shopping experiences and food and beverages options. In addition to the many rides, refreshments and fun, the park also offers a variety of animal exhibits that allow for visitors to experience a variety of animals up close. Take a ride on the Serengeti express or the Skyride to travel around the park.


You don’t have to travel far to experience the tropics. The Everglades, located in Florida, is considered the largest subtropical wilderness in our country. This makes it a must-see attraction if you’re planning to visit Florida. Not only can you walk around and enjoy nature, you can also schedule your own boat tour in order to experience the aquatic side of the Everglades.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory

Located in Key West, the butterfly and nature conservatory is an amazing place to visit. Home to over 50 species of butterflies that live in a climate-controlled habitat. There are so many different plants, flowers, trees and waterfalls for the butterflies to enjoy. In fact, there are also several varieties of birds that live along side the butterflies in the conservatory as well. The learning center is a great place to learn about the different types of butterflies, butterfly life cycles, and the anatomy of a butterfly.

Castillo de San Marcos

If you want to learn some history while visiting Florida, then schedule your trip to Castillo de San Marcos. This monument is located in St. Augustine, Florida. It was built in the 1600s, pre-dating the Revolutionary War. This makes the Castillo de San Marcos the perfect monument to honour the different cultures that travelled to the New World and helped found the Unites States.

With a variety of attractions and things to do, Florida is an amazing place to visit no matter who you travel with. Experience all the amazing fun Florida has to offer by booking your vacation today!