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How to Have a Magical Christmas on a Budget


Christmas is a magical time of year, with your days filled with holiday cheer and gift-giving. Although this time of year is fun, it can also get expensive. Not only do you need to buy gifts for friends and family, you also need to decorate your home, cook food for that holiday party, and possibly even travel to visit family. If you’re tired of the holiday season being so expensive, these tips can help you have a magical Christmas on a budget.


 DIY Projects

If you want to have a magical Christmas on a budget, you might want to consider finding some DIY projects for the holidays. Instead of buying gifts, make your friends and family a keepsake gift. Instead of spending a lot of money on Christmas decorations, go to the craft store and get cheap supplies to make your own holiday décor. There are plenty cheap and easy DIY projects that will help you have a magical Christmas at a fraction of the cost.


Secret Santa

If you have friends and adult family members that you would like to celebrate Christmas with, you might want to consider putting together a Secret Santa event. This way, you can still have a great time giving gifts to your friends and family, but you only have to buy a gift or two instead of dozens. Your friends and family will still enjoy their gifts and the time spent together, making it a magical Christmas for everyone without going over budget.


Set Your Limits

As much as you want to buy something nice for your loved ones, it’s important to set your limits before you go shopping. Know how much you want to spend on each person and stick to that amount, even if you find something that is more expensive than your budget. By setting limits before you go out, it’ll be easier to find something magical to give within your budget range.


Spend Time, Not Money

The most magical thing about Christmas is spending time with your loved ones. No matter what your Christmas budget is, make sure you spend more than just money this Christmas. Set aside some family time so that you and your loved ones can take this chance to get to know one another better. This is the most magical gift you can give this Christmas.



What are your best tips for having a magical Christmas on a budget?


Elva Roberts

Thursday 8th of December 2016

I do a lot of knitting. I knit very cozy slippers with 3 strands of yarn that make a durable sliipper and a comfortable one. I also knit scarves, hats (decorated), mittens, sweaters and matching hats, and baby clothes. It keeps me busy but it is something from the heart.

Elva Roberts

Wednesday 26th of October 2016

I do still depend on loyalty points to help me with my shopping. I also win some giveaways which is a big help. I also make some gifts and watch sales.

Elva Roberts

Saturday 13th of August 2016

I plan on using my loyalty points to help with my Christmas grocery list and some gifts. I also hope to spend more time with family. Thank you for your sensible and workable suggestions.

Chandra O'Connor

Monday 21st of December 2015

it was a tight budget this year but i hunted down sales and i got it all within what I wanted to spend.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

I am lucky I have a lot of contest wins and loyalty shopping points that help cover most of Christmas!! :)