15 Fun Ways to Fill Glass Ornaments

Last Updated on November 26, 2020

15 Fun Ways to Fill Glass Ornaments! Some work great for homemade Chrismas tree decor and other ideas are perfect for easy last minute gifts.

15 Fun Ways to Fill Glass Ornaments! 

Some of these ideas for filling glass ornaments work great for homemade Chrismas tree décor and other ideas are perfect for easy last minute gifts.  All of them are fun and easy!  Just pick up some empty, clear glass ornaments and get started!  I am in love with the Scenic Glass Ornaments by Delia Creates, how cute are they?


  1. This Snowman Ornament Filled with Styrofoam Balls by That’s What Che Said is a great project to get the kids involved with.  Let them paint their own snowman faces!
  2. These Scenic Glass Ornaments by Delia Creates are deceptively easy to make and look so elegant, don’t you think?
  3.  This Joy Glitter-Filled Ornament by I Love My Disorganized Life is so beautiful and can be accomplished in under 15 minutes!
  4. This Monogram Ornament Filled with Sheet Music by DIY on the Cheap is another easy to make ornament that looks great on your tree.
  5. This Bead and Ribbon-Filled Ornament by Practically Functional couldn’t be any easier, just fill your ornaments with garlands of tinsel or beads.
  6. This Popcorn Glass Ball Ornament found on Crafts a la Mode is such a fun idea and the technique is so unique!
  7. I love the super cute Santa Glass Ornament that Happiness is Homemade created.
  8.  Soup Mix Ornaments like these ones by Bubbly Nature Creations make for a fun and unique gift.
  9. Ever go on vacation and collect sand and seashells only to be at a loss about what to do with them at home?  Use your collection to create these adorable Sand and Seashell Ornaments like these ones by Nothing if Not Intentional
  10.  My favourite idea are these gorgeous Flower Drop Garden Ornaments by Happy Hooligans.  So inspiring and simple!
  11. These Fuse Bead Filled Ornaments by No Time for Flash Cards are a fun stocking stuffer idea and look pretty too!
  12. Some filled glass ornaments are too heavy to hand like these  Candy Filled Ornaments by 30 Minute Crafts but they sure do make great stocking stuffers.
  13. Looking for another quick and easy festive project?  Check out these Jingle Ornaments by One Artsy Mama.
  14. I love the idea of gifting these adorable Homemade Hot Chocolate Ornaments by Nap Time Creations. Yum!
  15. These  Vintage Handkerchief Ornaments by DIY Inspired are so very gorgeous, I feel inspired to go out and find some vintage handkerchiefs!


I’ve also seen clear ornaments filled with peacock feathers (or other types of feathers), filled with glitter and even filled with seasonal sprinkles!  You can really let your imagination go wild and have fun with glass ornaments!


11 thoughts on “15 Fun Ways to Fill Glass Ornaments

  1. Thanks for sharing,i really like the Snowman Ornament Filled with Styrofoam Balls,so the fun and the mess the kids would have…

  2. Neat ideas! We did paint one year, and the effect was spectacular. We just dribbled different colours of craft paint inside and swirled it around before letting them dry. They really turned out nicely. Thanks for the new ideas!

  3. I love this!! I have pinned it and think it would make a great christmas gift for those real hard to buy for ppl

  4. EEEEE I love these ideas and want to try them all. I love the idea of putting treats in the ornaments such as hot chocolate, marshmallows and popcorn. so cool! and the little pine trees with snow is fabulous

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