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furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon Interactive Pet Toy

Disclosure: I received a furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon Interactive Pet Toy in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


The furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon Interactive Pet Toy is one of this years hottest toys, and with reason. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pet dragon?



Featuring beautiful, vibrant colours with shimmery soft wings, Moodwings Baby Dragon is a really eye-catching interactive pet toy.  She really catches the imagination with her look.

furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon Surprise Reveal



As fantastic as this little baby dragon is, she is also full of surprises for your child to discover.



Inside her packaging are 3 surprise accessories for your child to reveal. Open to discover which bottle, pacifier, and toy you have been given to care for your dragon with.


furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon Colour Changes

Moodwings, although clearly a fierce Baby Dragon, is still a baby pet that needs lots of loving care. She might not breathe fire but she does come with 50+ sounds and responses.

Perhaps the best thing about Moodwings, Baby Dragon is that she’s not only an interactive dragon but a colour-changing one too. Her colour-change eyes and tummy reveal her many moods so your child can respond and care for her properly.

Green means she’s hungry
Blue means she’s sleepy
Red means she’s a bit cranky, and
Yellow means she’s happy.



How to Care for furReal Moodwings Baby Dragon

Feed her with her bottle when is hungry and she will make sucking sounds just like a real baby.

Soothe her with her pacifier when she is cranky.

Rock her to sleep when she gets tired and kiss her gem when she is happy. 

Just like any other baby, Moodwings loves to play and she knows when you move her. Fly her gently through the air, spin her around, and flip her upside-down and watch her respond in all kinds of fun and silly ways.



As she responds to your child playing with her, her eyes open and shut, and wings flap open and closed.



My girls simply adore caring for this fantastical baby and role-playing together while caring for the baby dragon. What a great toy to engage kids in really learning how to nurture and care for others.

Buy it:

Purchase from Amazon for only $69.99 CAD | $38.99 USD.



Friday 25th of December 2020

Anyone know what the 3 switch settings do? The middle one is a star - no idea what it does.


Sunday 17th of January 2021

The middle setting is the demo mode. Presumably to save the batteries (and the surprises) while on the store shelf.


Thursday 10th of December 2020

Elizabeth, I sure could use your insight into this toy. It frustratingly vocal! That will be great once the gift is opened, but it chirps/coos about every 30 minutes. I can't have that under the tree... In your review of the toy, did you find a way to turn of the demo mode?


Sunday 13th of December 2020

No, not without unpacking it from its box. However if its wrapped and not moved it should stay quiet. It WILL make sounds if moved though.