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Easy Ways to be More Energy Efficient at Home While Saving Money

Easy Ways to be More Energy Efficient at Home While Saving Money


This post is sponsored by Save on Energy, Ontario’s go-to source for energy efficiency information and rebates for your home. All thoughts and opinions presented below are my own.

Why make your home more energy efficient?

Making small changes can help you save on your utility bills while making your home more comfortable. Not only will you be doing something good for your community and the environment, energy efficiency can also lead to an increase in the value of your home, saving you even more in the long run!

Easy Changes to Make That Save You Money

Close the Gap

Even the smallest drafts can lead to a huge waste of energy. Doors, windows and any other openings can be sealed using weather stripping and draft blockers. Ensuring that you close the open gaps in your home can help to largely cut down your household heat loss.

Hang it Out to Dry

When weather permits, dry your laundry on a clothesline. The sun’s UV rays will not only help to eliminate dust mites and bacteria, but it will also reduce the power you use to dry your clothes. Dryers tend to get the job done quicker but using one can greatly increase your energy consumption and can create unwanted heat in your home.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are an efficient way to cool your home during the warmer months. Installing ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans throughout your home can help to reduce the energy you are using while keeping you cool at the same time. Tip: if you run the fans backwards in the winter, you can save money on heating costs as well.

Use a Smart Thermostat

It may be time to update your household’s thermostat. A programmable thermostat can greatly reduce your energy consumption as it can be set to accommodate your schedule. The good news? Many smart thermostats can learn your schedule and make its own to lower your energy use, making it easy to save money.

Take Advantage of Deal Days

From April 6th to May 6th, you can save on a variety of different energy efficient products at participating retailers across Ontario with Save on Energy’s Deal Days. Deal Days offer customers the chance to improve the convenience and comfort of their households while discovering how to save with different energy-efficient products.

You can take advantage by visiting a participating retailer, seeking out the Save on Energy Deal Days signs and selecting eligible products. Then, simply install your products and start reaping the benefits of saving energy. The best part?  The savings are applied instantly at checkout, no coupons required!

As you can see, there are many ways to save energy in your household while reducing your monthly bills. Seal any gaps that are letting air escape from your home, hang laundry on a clothesline to dry whenever possible, install ceiling fans, use a programmable thermostat and lastly, take advantage of Deal Days from Save on Energy.

Karina Pacheco

Wednesday 2nd of May 2018

Great energy saving tips! Thanks for sharing. Now to go through our house and see what can be changed.


Monday 30th of April 2018

We are energy conscious at home, but these are really great tips. I like the idea of a smart thermostat, I am sure we have one already but will double check. Great tips!


Saturday 28th of April 2018

I do all these except for one. There are juts too many small cracks/gaps to fill :-(


Saturday 28th of April 2018

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool down the house. I use those all of the time and it does help cut energy costs.

Sara Welch

Friday 27th of April 2018

I should go through the house and update some of this. I never knew I was being so sloppy about energy!