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20 Mother’s Day Activities to Make Mom Feel Special

20 Mother’s Day Activities to Make Mom Feel Special


With Mother’s Day right around the corner it is time to start planning how you will make it special for your mom. With all the things you mom has done for you over the years, you know how much she deserves a day just for her. It is important to make sure the day is spent the way she would want to spend it. Don’t go overboard planning if you know she just wants to spend the day relaxing. There are so many fun Mother’s Day activities that can make the day that much more special. Always remember, one of the best presents is your presence. Treating mom to some fun family bonding activities, may be just what she needs to know how much she means to you.

Mother’s Day Activities to Make Mom Feel Special


  1. Make mom breakfast in bed.
  2. Make Mother’s Day reservations at mom’s favourite restaurant and take her for dinner.
  3. Have a Spa day with her – either at home or at her favourite place.
  4. Settle in for a movie marathon with your mom. Screen all her favourites.
  5. Hire a photographer and arrange for the entire family to get together and take family photos.
  6. Go on a picnic together.
  7. Paint something together.
  8. Find local Mother’s Day events in your neighbourhood and take part in them.
  9. Plant a garden together.
  10. Go on a family hike.
  11. Bake a fancy dessert together.
  12. Have a chocolate tasting.
  13. Have an at home karaoke night.
  14. Go see a movie she really wants to see.
  15. Take mom on a surprise trip to somewhere she has always wanted to go.
  16. Go shopping at her favourite store.
  17. Take a class with mom that you know she has always wanted to take. Cooking classes, painting classes or even a scrapbooking class are all fun ways to spend the day.
  18. Have a day to put your feet up. Order in and just relax and talk.
  19. Have old family videos converted to DVD and watch them all together.
  20. Spend the day knitting, crocheting or reading together. Whatever activity your mom enjoys most should be a priority.


There are so many Mother’s Day activities that you can participate in this year, that will make her feel special. Just make sure the focus is on what your mom wants and needs and any activity you choose will send her over the moon with happiness. After all, she deserves a day just for her.



Friday 18th of May 2018