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Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner

Chief Mess Maker

My girls are messy.  I mean they are messy beyond most normal 1 and 3 year olds.  Ava, my 1 year old, is the worst.  She starts her mornings off by throwing everything out of her crib onto the floor and it only goes downhill from there.  Breakfast usually ends up half on the floor and before I can get her into the playroom she has usually smudged her fingers all over the back sliding doors trying to get a look at our neighbours dogs.

I am not sure messy really describes what she does.  It’s basically a full time job just cleaning up after her.

Our kitchen floor is tile with grout and it looks really lovely in the mornings before things get going, by bedtime though, you might think the floor had gone a month without cleaning. 


Thankfully we have been testing out (and falling in love with) a Dupray ONE Plus™ steam cleaner which makes cleaning up after Ava kind of fun.  So much so that my husband has taken over the daily kitchen floor cleaning duty.  Seriously.

Ever wanted to hear your partner say “I will get out the steam cleaner and take care of it, you go make a coffee for yourself” at the end of the day when faced with sticky juice and mystery stains all over your floor?  You pretty much need to get the Dupray ONE Plus™ steam cleaner. You deserve it.



The first mess we tackled was definitely the kitchen floor.  Setting up the Dupray ONE Plus™ steam cleaner is a breeze.  I started by filling up the Dupray ONE Plus™ with water and turning it on to heat up.  Yes, it only uses water – heated to a high temperature and under pressure to provide cleaning that cuts through dirt and disinfects thanks to the high temperature of the steam without having to add any potential toxins.

It also comes with a complete 15-piece accessory kit, which does feel a little daunting when you first get everything out but it comes with super helpful cheat sheets to show you which accessories to piece together for which common household chore.  Plus there is a Dupray app you can refer to if what you need is not listed on the cheat sheet.  Honestly, it’s such a little detail but I was so impressed to find that cheat sheet and I felt the stress of trying to figure out something new just slip away.

The Dupray ONE Plus™ has an indicator to let you know when you are ready to get started, and it allows you to adjust the steam pressure according to the job.


Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner

We were amazed as we were working on cleaning up the grout to see it go from a grimy black to a sand colour right before our eyes.  That was the point where my husband took over. He claimed it was because I wasn’t doing it in an orderly enough fashion but either way he was sold within a few seconds of cleaning.


Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner

After the grout was cleaned we swapped a few accessories around and were ready to get started on the floor itself.  The difference was night and day and it does not require a ton of elbow grease to lift away the dirt.  Even the sticky apple juice mess comes up and cleans away leaving the floor clean enough for bare feet.

When the low water indicator went off we were able to refill the steam cleaner without any downtime at all thanks to the continuous steam technology. The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner was designed with a two-tank system which means the water tank is not under pressure and can be refilled at any time, eliminating downtime.


Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner

My next project was cleaning the sliding doors.  They get to be an awful mess after a couple days and I feel like I am constantly spraying them down with glass cleaner and going through a ton of paper towels.  Not any more though! 

Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE Plus™ handles glass cleaning easily between the squeegee tool and the high pressure steam.  Plus the Dupray ONE Plus™ is light and easy to carry around my home, even filled with water so it wasn’t a big deal to get from the kitchen to the back of the house.  I couldn’t believe how well the Dupray ONE Plus™ handled cleaning the windows – streak free too!

I’ve been busy cleaning spots on my carpet, the curtains, all our hard floors and even our showers!  I don’t think cleaning has been any easier or faster around our house and all without harmful products. Seriously there is a tool for just about every cleaning task included with the Dupray ONE Plus™.

Buy it:

The ONE Plus™ was engineered with top quality Italian and German components. Assembled by hand in Europe, the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner comes with the best warranty available: a lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 years on parts. 

You can also grab a great Advanced Cleaning Pack™ for your Dupray ONE Plus™ Steam Cleaner – it includes all the essentials for steam cleaning that you will want more of: small brushes, microfiber cloths and a felt accessory bag to hold them all.

Get more information and purchase directly from Dupray.



Dawn gibson-thigpen

Thursday 3rd of December 2015

HA! i love the hero photo. she is adorable. i know a few people who could use this.


Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

With pets and a toddler, I totally NEED this! It would certainly give my home a nice, deep-clean!

Amy Desrosiers

Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

This would be SWEET for my bathrooms! I need something that would easily kill germs!

Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

My kids can get so messy! It's great to have the right tools to help clean up!


Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

Wow. We really need this Dupray. I never heard of it but it seems like something we really need to help keep the house clean.