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DIY Sea Glass Saucer


 This DIY Sea Glass Saucer is an easy home decor project that uses a technique that can be applied to any glass object!   

Supplies needed:

Glass saucer (thrift stores are the perfect place to snag these for pennies)
¼ cup of white craft glue
2-3 drops of blue food coloring
2-3 drops of green food coloring
Sponge crafting brush, small
Mixing bowl


1. In your mixing bowl add the ¼ cup of glue.
2. Add in one drop of each of the food colorings at a time and mix. You want to gradually create the sea glass tint.

DIY Sea Glass Saucer
3. Continue adding a drop at a time of each of the colors and stirring until you get the hue you wish. You want a sea green color. You can sample the color by simply swiping it on a clear glass surface and seeing what it looks like. It will wipe away clean with soap and water.

DIY Sea Glass Saucer

4. Use the sponge to wipe the colored glue onto the glass. For this saucer, I applied the color to the top of the saucer. If you are worried about chipping should you be using the saucer for décor pieces, paint the underside.
5. Apply two coats, letting the coats dry in between applications.
6. Once your glue is totally dry, the colorful matte finish will appear.

Your sea glass saucer is now ready to be enjoyed!

This DIY Sea Glass Saucer is an easy home decor project that uses a technique that can be applied to any glass object!
Created for Frugal Mom Eh by Katie Femia:  

Katie Femia is a blogger and YA author who loves stretching a buck, trying her hand at those Pinterest pins, and watching old black and white movies. A good day is one where she gets the chance to be creative and thrifty! You can see her latest projects at The Homespun Hydrangea.



Cheryl Grandy

Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Beautiful colour. I like that it just takes white glue and food colouring - no expensive paint from the craft store.

heidi c.

Friday 21st of August 2015

This would be a craft my girls and I would enjoy doing together,

Laurie P

Thursday 20th of August 2015

Love that color! Waiting for the rain to disappear....than we have to hit the dollar store for some stuff, I'll add the saucer to my list :)

Stephanie LaPlante

Wednesday 12th of August 2015

Looks very pretty. I love that color.


Monday 10th of August 2015

that is not only easy to make, but affordable to