Christmas Countdown Activities for Families

Last Updated on November 26, 2020

Christmas countdown activities can help give your kids a visual for how much longer they need to wait until Santa visits.

Christmas is right around the corner and, most likely, your kids are very excited for the day to come. When kids are excited, they tend to ask how much longer until the big day, which can get tiresome after 25 days of it. Fortunately, a Christmas countdown activity can help give your kids a visual for how much longer they need to wait until Santa visits. Here are a few activities you can try with your family.

Advent Calendar
If you’re ready to start the countdown until Christmas, you need to get your family excited about doing an advent calendar. For an advent calendar, your kids will get to pull a tab that reveals a secret Christmas picture or activity. Each day, there will be a new tab with something different underneath. If you want to get creative, you can even create your own advent calendar that has fun activities to do each day or a reusable one like this advent garland.

Paper Chain
Another great Christmas countdown activity you can do with your family is to create a paper chain. There should be 25 paper links in the chain for each of the days leading up to Christmas. If you want, you can use different colors for the links and make a Christmas pattern. Each day, your kids can take a link off the chain, watching as it gets shorter the closer it gets to Christmas.

Santa’s Beard
Kids love arts and crafts, which is why a Santa’s Beard craft is the perfect Christmas countdown activity for your family. To do this activity, you simply need a printable of Santa’s face. Count out 25 cotton balls, and each day, glue a cotton ball on to Santa’s beard. Your children will love watching Santa’s beard get longer and longer as they get closer to Christmas.

25 Books
Reading to your kids is important every day of the year. Combine reading with a fun Christmas countdown activity by wrapping 25 books and putting them under the Christmas tree. Each day, allow your child to unwrap a book for you to read to the family. These books could be new ones that you pick up as gifts or ones that were already on your bookshelf.


What are your favorite Christmas countdown activities?

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