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How to Be a More Present Parent

Tips to Help you Be a More Present Parent


When you are a parent, you can often find yourself pulled into several different directions while your to-do list accumulates. This can leave our children feeling as though they are not a priority. This is a huge problem as a parent who isn’t fully present can have a largely detrimental effect on their children.

Thankfully, there are ways to become more present as a parent and stay that way.


Tips to Help you Be a More Present Parent

Turn off the Technology

Technology has taken over large parts of our everyday lives, taking up a huge chunk of our time. Limiting your family’s technology use will help when it comes to being a more present parent. Turn off your technology and focus on your children and what they need. Doing this shows them that you are truly there and that they are what is important to you.

Create a Family Ritual

Whether this means gathering around the dinner table every night as a family, or simply creating time every single day to connect, it is important to create a family ritual. Doing this will show your children that you are truly interested in spending time with them. These rituals need to be a constant no matter what the circumstances are, to show your children how important family time is.

Involve Them in Everyday Tasks

Being present for your children doesn’t mean you are always there when they need you without that being reciprocated. It doesn’t have to be a one-sided effort. Your children can also help you and be there for you as well, helping with everyday tasks. Whether they help you cook, make their beds or sit and fold laundry with you, these tasks can help to build your relationship and be present in the moment.

Listen and Ask Questions

Children love to tell stories and sometimes we as parents may rush them through a story and not really listen to them. If you are doing something that can wait, put it aside when they come to talk to you. Truly take the time to listen to what your little one is saying and ask them questions about their story. Having a great conversation with your children can be truly rewarding for both of you and showing them that you truly care about what they have to say is important.

Play with Them

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun or be silly with your children. It is important to be in the moment, let loose and just relax. You will be incredibly surprised by just how much fun you will have with them. Not only that but playing with your children will help you to release stress, making you a happier, more connected parent.

There are several ways to be a more present parent. Just make sure to turn off the technology, create a family ritual, involve them in everyday tasks, listen to them and play with them whenever possible. When you are more present, they will be happier and chances are, you will be too.