DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

Last Updated on February 19, 2016

This DIY Bird Feeder Buffet is a perfect kids craft for the summer or winter.  Just watch the birds flock and feast on the "buffet"!

I love spring. I love watching the Cardinals, Blue Jays, and other birds that flit in and out of our yard – so I wanted to make sure they stuck around.  I thought we would put out a little buffet to keep them coming back and also have a pretty display in our yard.  If you enjoy letting your kids in on the fun whenever possible this is the perfect project for them.

Not only does it give them something to do to help develop fine motor skills but it also can give a very real sense of pride to be able to provide for small creatures.

Do you remember the pinecone, peanut butter, and birdseed feeders from your childhood? Maybe Scouts or elementary school? They sure were fun!  This bird feeder takes it a few steps further.  The end result of this project is a pretty and functional bird feeder buffet that will likely last through a couple of seasons as it is very simple to refill.

Now your feathered friends will have a variety of food to choose from and a perfect perch to rest on while they snack.

This was also a super inexpensive project for us, I was able to get the main pieces of our bird feeder at Dollar Tree, and the rest we already had on hand at home.

DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

Supplies Needed:

Mini wreath- Dollar Tree
Twine- Dollar Tree
Creamy peanut butter
Cake pan



 DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

Lay wreath inside of a round cake pan, spread peanut butter all over the top.

 DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

Sprinkle birdseed over wreath and peanut butter using the cake pan to catch spillage, scoop up what has spilled into the pan and sprinkle it again, coating peanut butter well.

DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

Cut 3 lengths of twine 18-20” long, tie a knot in one end of each one , wrap a small piece of tape around the other to make it easier to thread.

Thread cheerios on each piece of twine about 6” up.

DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

Tie twine pieces to wreath at equal distance.

Take your feeder outside and loop all 3 ends of your twine over a sturdy branch, and knot them together.

When the birds have devoured all the goodies it is simple to take it down, recover it in peanut butter, layer on more bird seed, and restring some cheerios. Try different types of seed to attract various birds- mixed seed, or black sunflower seeds.

This DIY Bird Feeder Buffet is a perfect kids craft for the summer or winter.  Just watch the birds flock and feast on the "buffet"!

DIY Bird Feeder Buffet Project created for Frugal Mom Eh by Jody Smith.

32 thoughts on “DIY Bird Feeder Buffet

  1. Awesome! Took me back to when we did this with my boy years ago. But we used pine cones. Love the cheerios touch too!

  2. I absolutely love this, what a fun and useful project. l love to feed the birds but run out of money to keep buying the seeds for them. Doesn’t take long for them to eat a big bag of food in 3 little bird feeders we have hung on a tree out in our lower back yard. While I still have some money I’ll be buying the seed for them. Have to buy wreath to use, we just got a big jar of peanut butter and will buy a box of cheerios at $tree. What a genius project to feed the birds. So glad I found your post. Maybe Saturday we’ll go to $tree to get the cheerios, bird seed and wreath. Happy days

  3. Great idea for our little backyard friends. Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. I bet the birds would love this!

    I tried to get to this post when I was browsing throught the “craft and diy” section, but the wrong link was posted (it was .htmll instead of .html). FYI 🙂

  5. I really like the buffet feeder. I have made the pinecone, peanut butter and bird seed feeder for a couple of years now. I enjoy sitting at our kitchen table in the winter watching the birds eat. The buffet feeder would be a big hit with the birds I think. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this idea. My nieces and nephews come up from the US to visit and usually stay a few days at my parents house. This would be a great craft to do in the backyard, one to bring home and one for the grandparents!

  7. We have woods in the back and I have these hung all over the trees,in the morning the singing of the birds is beautiful

  8. The birds seem to love my backyard now with all the feed and Ive noticed this last week that we have a few Doves visiting eating the seed that has dropped to the ground

  9. I love to have my coffee on the patio in the morning since we make some feeders we wake to birds singing every morning

  10. Great idea! I am going to make a couple of these to hang around our RV site this spring when we move back there. We have lots of birds that come to visit!

  11. I love this cute craft and think it’s wonderful.We always try to feed the birds and I don’t cut down my flowers in the fall because they like to eat the seeds.I am going to try one of these.Thanks for the awesome craft idea.

  12. This has to be 1 of the cutest bier feeders I have ever seen. I will need to try this out. Thank you for the awesome ides

  13. What a great idea! I have a traditional bird feeder in my front yard and my boys and I just love watching the birds feed. I would love to make this with my boys. 🙂

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