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Why Disney World’s Value Resorts are their Best Kept Secret

Why Disney World’s Value Resorts are their Best Kept Secret. Plan your family vacation to Disney World on a budget with this great tip!

Why Disney World’s Value Resorts are their Best Kept Secret. Plan your family vacation to Disney World on a budget with this great tip!

When you think of staying on Disney property during your vacation, their many luxurious hotels probably come to mind, but did you know you can get the full Disney experience for under $100 USD a night?

Walt Disney World has five Value Resorts that you may not have considered, but if you’re travelling on a budget, these resorts will provide a magical experience your family will remember.

The five Value Resorts to choose from are the All-Star Movies Resort, All-Star Sports Resort, All-Star Music Resort, Pop Century and Art of Animation.  The All-Star resorts are near Disney’s Animal Kingdom, while Pop Century and Art of Animation are near Disney’s Wide World of Sports. Because they are all inside Walt Disney World, and provide simple transportation to all of the parks, it really doesn’t matter whether you are near the park you plan to visit.

The three All-Star resorts are very similar and in close proximity to one another, so if you happen to stay at one because it offered the best price at the time or has a theme that appeals to your family the most, know that you can still attend any of the events and activities taking place at the other two.

Speaking of activities, each of these resorts could be a vacation unto themselves, complete with fantastic pools, splash pads, arcades, gift shops, bike rentals, playgrounds and special activities, like movies under the stars. The hotel will welcome you with a schedule of complimentary events.

Aside from the price, which is cheaper than any hotel I could find even off Disney World property, these resorts are filled with characters and colourful decorations everywhere you look. You know you’re on a Disney vacation at every turn, from the giant statues in the courtyards to the tiny, plastic, mouse ears on the complimentary mini shampoo bottles! Walt Disney World pays close attention to detail, so Mickey Mouse graces even the room service pizza delivery boxes! After a day at the park, it’s easy to feel like the magic has ended when you leave the property, but staying at one of these resorts keeps the party going.

The resorts also each have their own food court and bar near the pool. Walt Disney World also sells dining plans that allow you to purchase a set number of meals and snacks in a bundle in advance. This will keep the family on budget, while giving you one less thing to worry about. Because of Disney’s Magic Bands (a bracelet you wear to get into your room, into the park, to select Fast Pass and Photo Pass options, and to charge purchases to your account), you can be wallet-free during your vacation. Just don’t go crazy, since you’ll have to pay up for all your charges when you check out!

You will also still benefit from access to Extra Magic Hours which is key to hitting those rides that normally have long wait times.

As far as transportation goes, if you’d rather not wait on a bus, you can drive your own vehicle and park at any of the theme parks for free, simply because you’re staying on the premises. Let’s do the math: If you get a bargain hotel room from a chain off site, and end up having to cough up $20 per park for your vehicle, you’ll actually spend more than you would have if you stayed at Disney.

For the full Disney experience at a fabulous price, consider booking a room at a Value Resort for your next getaway.