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Shop at Sullivans for Unique Gift Ideas



Did you grew up with Sullivan productions like Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea, Wind at my Back and others? If you are a fan then Shop at Sullivan is the perfect spot to grab some unique gifts and stocking stuffers this year.

Shop at Sullivan is the exclusive source for official merchandise from Sullivan Entertainment productions, and I’m excited to share a few of my favourite picks.

Offering a variety of items, including jewellery, perfume, DVDs, books, home décor and gift packages, everything featured on the site has been inspected and reviewed by the director of the 1985 Anne of Green Gables mini-series, Kevin Sullivan, and producer Trudy Grant.



Let your imagination run wild as you relax with the naturally sweet notes of current and thyme found in the Lady of Shalott Candle. This natral soy-based, Canadian made, candle transports you to the forests of Anne’s childhood. The Lady of Shalott candle is designed to transform your environment and reduce stress for over 40 hours of relaxation.




When she is not getting into mischief, Anne is taking care of those she loves. While her imagination may run away with her, she is a kind soul with a flair for the overly dramatic.

Fresh and floral, Anne Shirley of Avonlea Perfume brings you back to a simpler, more fulfilling, time.

I found the perfume to be very heavily floral which isn’t normally my taste but there is just something so comforting about the scent, that I can’t help but like it.




Our Raspberry Cordial Tea is a tea blend that will always make you smile. Featuring candied raspberries, this Oolong tea is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of reading. Sweet and full-bodied, the Raspberry Cordial Tea pairs best with a vanilla scone, or warm crumpets with jam. A perfect treat for a cold Canadian, winter afternoon.



Visit Shop At Sullivan to check out the great selection of products and gift ideas that they offer including the picks I have shared with you today.

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