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Cake Boss Keurig®-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups

Cake Boss Keurig®-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups

I know I talk about it a lot but I really love Food shows.  I love watching Cake Boss and the Next Great Baker.  It’s just so fascinating to see Buddy, family members and employees turn cake into works of art. 
I’ve never had the opportunity to visit New Jersey, let alone Carlo’s Bakery but if I ever had the chance to order a cake for a special occasion, or even just sample pastries from the bakery front, I would be over the moon.  I am sure if you watch Cake Boss you find yourself drooling a little bit at the tv now and then and can relate.
For those of you out there who love Cake Boss, Cake, Dessert or well.. Coffee, Cake Boss coffee has been infused with flavours inspired by Buddy’s favourite bakery creations to create seven flavoured coffee originals like you’ve never tasted before.   Cake Boss Coffee is a collaboration between Buddy, Discovery Communications and Single Cup Coffee available in a line of Keurig®-compatible single serve coffee cups. 

 Cake Boss Keurig®-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups

I was sent a selection of Cake Boss coffee to try out in my Keurig including Cake Boss Buddy Blend, Vanilla, Hazelnut Biscotti, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Italian Rum Cake.

For those who prefer unflavoured coffee to pair with their favourite dessert, Buddy’s Blend is a smooth, medium roast with intense flavour to complement just about anything sweet.  It’s a classic Italian Roast featuring East African coffees that are roasted extra dark.My personal favourite from the line is the Chocolate Fudge Cake flavour.  It literally tastes like you are eating a dark chocolate super fudgy cake.  I can’t really explain it but you can almost feel the texture of moist cake along with the creamy, dark cocoa flavour.  It’s actually incredible tasting, and a must try for chocolate lovers.

 Of course the other flavours are quite good too.  Inspired by a bakery mainstay, Dulce de Leche has a rich, creamy caramel flavour kissed with a hint of buttery sweetness.

 If you prefer something a little lighter, the flavour of  Vanilla Buttercream frosting is brought to life in a smooth, delicately flavoured coffee.

I love Hazelnut flavoured coffee but the  Hazelnut Biscotti flavoured Cake Boss coffee brings hazelnut to a new level with the flavour of toasted hazelnuts and freshly baked biscotti. 

The Italian Rum Cake flavoured coffee was inspired by the buttery sweetness and smooth rum syrup of Buddy’s signature sponge cake.

 This line of Keurig®-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups can easily satisfy both a sweet tooth and the need for caffeine.  I think I will be drooli9ng a little more the next time I watch Cake Boss though now that I have more of an idea as to what Buddy’s creations taste like!  The Cake Boss Keurig®-compatible* Single Serve Coffee Cups are definitely worth a taste!  

 Cake Boss Keurig®-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups

Other flavours in the line include:

 Chocolate Cannoli: A caffeinated tribute to Buddy’s famous chocolate cannoli— a delectable mingling of creamy custard, chocolate drizzle and hints of buttery pastry.

Dulce de Leche Decaf: A bakery mainstay, Dulce de Leche Decaf is rich, creamy caramel flavor kissed with ahint of buttery sweetness.

Raspberry Truffle: Taste the flavors of fresh raspberries smothered in milk chocolate ganache.  Deliciously divine, it’s a little cup of heaven.


Cake Boss Coffee will be supplied and distributed across North America by specialty coffee company Single Cup Coffee.  For more information on Cake Boss Coffee and Single Cup Coffee, please visit

  Cake Boss Keurig®-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups
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K-Cups® and Keurig® are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc. Neither Single Cup Coffee Ltd. nor Cake Boss are affiliated in any in way with Keurig, Inc.


*Works with Keurig brewing systems. Not compatible with Keurig Vue or Keurig 2.0 coffee makers.

kathy downey

Saturday 13th of December 2014

I love flavored coffees...yum yum

kathy downey

Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

These flavors sound amazing,will be trying these soon

Victoria Ess

Tuesday 16th of September 2014

These sound delicious! I am definitely ordering from that website when my current coffee supply runs low!


Thursday 11th of September 2014

the flavours sound delicious

Yona Williams

Wednesday 10th of September 2014

I would like to try more flavors of these K-Cups...I received a Cake Boss sample in this K-Cup assortment that I ordered from and it was good.