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Birds of Canada from DK Canada’s Oh Canada Boutique: Celebrating Uniquely Canadian Books

canada-day-boutique-button-185x185DK is a global publisher that creates books in 87 countries and 62 languages. DK Canada is very proud of their list of Canadian editions. 

From ensuring that a gardening guide has the proper Canadian hardiness zones to match our short Canadian growing seasons to having a school reference title’s contents vetted by Canadian education experts, each of our Canadian editions has something uniquely Canadian to offer.

Whether it’s one of their Canadian themed DK Readers for kids, or one of their bestselling bird identification guides, each of the books in this boutique has something uniquely Canadian to offer.

The Oh Canada Boutique features a really wide selection of books, many of which I already own and enjoy.  After all, I am a huge fan of DK Canada as the quality of their books are unsurpassed.

Birds of CanadaThis photographic guide to the full range of birds found in Canada includes full page profiles of more than 430 of the most commonly seen birds. Each profile is accompanied by diagrams of flight patterns, and photographs showing each featured species in its typical habitat or performing characteristic behaviour. There is a special section highlighting rare species and vagrants as well.

I picked out from the selection Birds of Canada: The Complete Guide to Over 600 Species.   It reminded me of a field guide my Grandfather kept in his sunroom when I was a child that I loved flipping through on nearly every visit.  Of course his Canadian Bird Book was a true field guide and so it was small and featured only small drawings of each bird with a small amount of information. 

This edition is a gorgeous guide featuring plenty of full colour photos, a wealth of information and handy distribution maps for each species.  While it’s not the type of guide you can throw in your bag, it is great for backyard bird watching or just for flipping through and learning about the birds found in our beautiful nation!

This is a really great reference book and because it is not compact, everything about each species is contained on one page which makes it easy to reference.  I like that there is a box on each page showing similar species that are easily confused for the featured species which makes it easy to determine if you are looking at the right one.

Canadians will enjoy the full page profiles featuring 435 of the most commonly seen Canadian species; quarter page profiles cover 30 less commonly seen species and a chart features rare visitors, including where they might be seen in Canada.  What you will not find in this edition are birds found only in Texas which makes the job of identifying a species in your backyard a whole lot easier.

I think the only con to this book is the fact that it is not compact, however it is still very much a recommended book for anyone interested in birding.  It is a real treasure!


kathy downey

Friday 27th of November 2015

Birds Of Canada would be absolutely perfect for my Mom

Elva Roberts

Saturday 18th of July 2015

Birds of Canada seems to be the type of book that would interest many people, especially those who like to find out more about the birds that grace our gardens and fields.

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Wednesday 8th of July 2015

I do have 2 Canadian bird identification books already but this one seems to me to be much nicer with lots of gorgeous photos.

Laurie P

Monday 6th of July 2015

Birds Of Canada would be absolutely perfect for my in the Niagara region, they love bird watching.