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50 Laundry Tips for Families

50 Laundry Tips for Families to help make laundry day a breeze!


50 Laundry Tips for Families to help make laundry day a breeze!

Laundry is complained about almost as much as the dishes. but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Taking fifteen minutes out of each day to complete a load of laundry can prevent laundry backup issues. Who knows, you may even discover that you enjoy the repetitive motion of folding clothing, and will grow to look forward to your peaceful moments in the laundry room (cough).

  1. Never start a load of laundry you don’t intend to finish.
  2. To reduce the folding burden, rotate between washing clothing and linens.
  3. Followup with your children to be sure clothing is put away properly (even the big kids).
  4. Purge closets before, and after, each season.
  5. Your clothing needs room to move to become adequately clean; don’t over-stuff that washer!
  6. Toss torn socks.
  7. Never forget to clean your lint trap.
  8. Always keep white vinegar in your laundry stash.
  9. Let your baby play in the towels while you fold the clothes.
  10. Don’t overdo it on the laundry soap.
  11. Clean washing machine hose filters yearly (every six months for those with well water).
  12. Skip donating stained clothing and recycle them instead.
  13. Your laundry room should be cleaned as often as the rest of your home.
  14. Wash your bed sheets weekly.
  15. Get rid of those hampers! You only need two! The more you have, the more you’ll forget about.
  16. Dryer balls are everyone’s friend.
  17. Recycle unmatched socks into pet toys (Make and donate them if you don’t have pets!)
  18. Check pockets before washing – even if you don’t have time (especially for pens, makeup, and markers).
  19. Vacuum the backside of your washer and dryer every six months.
  20. Don’t use bleach on sweat stains. (See tip #28)
  21. ALWAYS unplug your washer and dryer before attempting to repair them!
  22. MP3 Players and ear buds work better if they are dried adequately after washing, but skip the dryer and go straight for the rice.
  23. Don’t allow your children to store dirty clothing in their rooms.
  24. Never own more clothing than you can afford to wash in one week.
  25. Making your own laundry soap is easier than you think.
  26. Cut the strings from worn towels to prevent dryer fire.
  27. Use the laundry mat if you become behind on your laundry chores.
  28. Baking soda works wonders on stains!
  29. Teenagers will wear dirty clothes without telling you!
  30. Wash your comforter monthly.
  31. Use mechanic’s hand cleaner on grease and oil stains.
  32. Never go more than three days without doing laundry!
  33. A shoe rack for your dryer is a necessity for anyone who has boys.
  34. Hanging towels to dry after each shower will prevent souring and make washing easier.
  35. Standing while folding at a high table will prevent folding laziness.
  36. Teach your children appliance safety – appliances are not safe hiding spots!
  37. Yes, your washer drum really does needs to be cleaned! (See your users manual)
  38. Never leave your washer lid open with water inside (toddler drowning prevention).
  39. Hang clothing to be ironed immediately after drying, even if you don’t iron them immediately.
  40. Teach your boys to do laundry… properly!
  41. Explain energy conservation to young adults who think a small load of laundry is a full load.
  42. Don’t leave clothing in the washer overnight.
  43. Laundry Room sinks are awesome!
  44. Hanging racks in the laundry room are a must. Get a roll-away if a hanging rod isn’t an option.
  45. Commit to washing one load of laundry each day.
  46. Put a smoke detector in your laundry room. Ask your local fire department where the best placement is.
  47. Use a dryer sheet to remove gum and buildup out of your washer and dryer.
  48. Toddlers love to help change the clothes over – let them! (Adult supervision only.)
  49. Febreeze needs a commercial that tells what laundry slackers really use their products for.
  50. Behind the bathtub shower curtain is a great place to stash dirty laundry in a crunch.


50 Laundry Tips for Families

Do you know a laundry tip not listed here?




Saturday 28th of May 2016

I'm glad I saw this posted on facebook! It was worth re-reading. (I glean something new each time, as seen by my 2 previous comments!)

Tip 2 is very pertinent these days - I'll be starting that!


Sunday 13th of September 2015

I can't think of anything new, but #9 was invaluable when my daughter was young. When she got to the age of standing up (while holding onto something), her favourite activity was pulling laundry off of an armchair, onto a (clean) floor. I would fold as I went along, and when the chair was empty, pick up whatever she'd pull down and we'd start again! (Me with the folding and her with the pulling down.) As she got older, playing with the laundry turned into games of matching inserts to diapers and matching socks. (Initially, I gave her only a few at a time, but after several weeks she was a pro and could match a big pile!) I then started teaching her to fold on her own, first with small facecloths, and eventually with anything manageable for her size-wise. (Linens and large towels are out, but hand towels and Daddy's tshirts are still small enough!)

Sarah Jackson

Monday 9th of March 2015

Tip#8 , a lot of ppl dont realize , we have a front loader and we along with many other ppl have complained about the smell that can happen with these washers . We found that a lil vinegar in every load helps keep the washer and the laundry fresher smelling .

kathy downey

Sunday 28th of September 2014

I like this tip Baking soda works wonders on stains!


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

I like the tip of using mechanic's hand cleaner on greasy stains