10 things not to do at your Christmas Office Party

Last Updated on November 26, 2020

10 Things not to do at your Christmas Office Party

It’s that time of year again… Office Party season!  Whether you must attend your own office party or that of your significant other there are a few blunders you will want to avoid. 

1)  Do not make out with anyone!  This includes your boss, your secretary even your significant other… just don’t. (Even worse, making out with someone who isn’t your significant other!)

2)   This goes somewhat in hand with #1.  Do not treat the party like you are at a singles bar.  While this is a great time to see the other side of your co-workers, it is not a good time to start a fling.  Flirting should also be avoided, no matter how innocent it may seem.

3)  Don’t drink too much.  Keep in mind the rule of two to avoid looking like you are drinking too much, even if you think you have a high alcohol tolerance.

4)  Dressing “Festive” does not in any way involve showing up in lingerie or sexually suggestive clothing.  Think pops of red and/or green in what you would normally wear to the office unless otherwise stated.

5)  Respect the venue of the event.  Whether held within Executive Suites or at an all You Can Eat Buffet, treat the venue better than you would your own home.  Try to avoid spilling food and drink, do not litter, and wipe off dirty or wet boots and shoes at the door.

6)  Watch what you say.  While you can definitely relax slightly more than at work, avoid foul language and off-colour jokes.  Try not to reveal more about yourself than what you would normally be comfortable with your co-workers knowing.

7)  Don’t start talking about your co-workers – or worse your boss – behind their backs.  Not only is it not nice, but it is liable to get back to them.

8)  Verify that you can bring your partner, spouse, or a guest to your office party.   Do not just assume that your significant other is invited. If you do wish to invite a guest, ensure it is someone whose behaviour will not reflect negatively on you.

9)  Do not avoid your boss.  Make your boss one of the first people you greet and introduce your guest to and don’t forget to thank them for hosting the party.

10)  Do not be the last guest at the party.  You should actually plan to leave a little early.


10 thoughts on “10 things not to do at your Christmas Office Party

  1. My office finally has gone to a daytime party during the work day, it removes about 99% of the potential for drama and issues, and more people actually go now that they don’t have to stay late or come back for it!

  2. So true… i had a co-worker who was so drunk at a holiday party she couldn’t even stand… she was snoring sitting on the couch too!

  3. These are fantastic tips! I cannot stress enough the importance of bringing the right guest! You don’t want someone who can’t drink well or who doesn’t have tact. I cringe for my coworkers who have to endure their date’s bad behavior.

  4. Yeah uh…I know about some of these the hard way. Got way too drunk once and picked a fight with a coworker. Oops! At least I won…sort of…

  5. Great tips!!! In addition to not being the last to stay, be on time. An office party is not the venue to arrive fashionably late!

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