Our Generation Dolls & Accessories #FMEGifts14


I've been (not so) patiently waiting for Keira to be old enough to play with proper dolls.  I won't lie, I love the idea of all the little outfits and accessories, not to mention the gorgeous dolls themselves.  Well she is finally old enough now so I have to say I am pretty thrilled to present the Our Generation Dolls, fashion and accessories. The Our Generation … [Read more...]

Snowman Pretzels

Snowman Pretzels

  These Snowmen are super cute and make for great little treats for kids to help get them into the winter spirit!   Snowman Pretzels Ingredients: 24 Pretzel Rings 1 cup White Candy Melting Chips 3-4 Fruit Roll-Ups 1/4 cup Dark Chocolate Melting Chips or Mini Chocolate Chips 1 Orange Starbursts     Directions: Cut … [Read more...]

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump & Breast Milk Storage Bags #AVENTmomsCA #Giveaway

Prize pack

  Philips AVENT has a large product range for babies including products for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding, baby monitors and newborn gifts.  I'm actually really impressed with all the innovative products for breastfeeding moms! The Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump is perfect for pumping on the go, it is seriously small enough to just tuck away … [Read more...]

Mimi and Bear in the Snow by Janee Trasler #FMEGifts14

Mimi and the bear in the snow

    Wherever Mimi goes, Bear is sure to be there—whether she is ice-skating, having fancy tea with the queen, or making a scary snow monster. But when Bear gets lost, poor Mimi is heartbroken. Luckily, the snow melts and Mimi and Bear are reunited.   Janee Trasler’s spare text and utterly adorable artwork will resonate with anyone who has ever lost a … [Read more...]

Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ #FMEGifts14


I love toys with a long "life" to them and that are just a much about fun as they are about developing new skills and making discoveries.   That is what the Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ is all about and some! It's nice to have a single toy that both girls love to play with, and a toy both can play with at the same time.  I have to admit though, once we … [Read more...]

No Churn Peppermint Ice Cream

No Churn Peppermint Ice Cream

    Summer might be over but I still like the odd cool treat of ice cream.  This No Churn Peppermint Ice Cream recipe is great for the holiday season, yum!  Since this recipe is no churn it is quick and easy to make.  No getting out the ice cream maker and freezing the bucket etc.. It really doesn't get any easier than this! No Churn Peppermint … [Read more...]

Stained Glass Window Shortbread Cookies #GayLeaMom


One of my favourite things about Christmas is all the baking.  Not just because they are delicious either but because they make the house smell so good!  We usually make a mix of traditional family recipe cookies and desserts as well as a a few experiments with new recipes.  This typically includes a couple different shortbread recipes, mincemeat tarts,  … [Read more...]

Barbie™ Wishes from the Heart #Barbiewishes


‘Tis the season for giving, so from now through December 31st, Barbie™ is placing loved ones first by asking Canadian children to submit a heartfelt wish for someone special in their lives. Barbie™ is inviting her fans to share their heartfelt wishes for those they care most about, and then share their wish with the world. With Barbie™, Anything is Possible, so she is … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Tablet for Kids


If your child is like mine, they are constantly taking your personal tablet for their own use.  Keira hasn't even turned 3 yet and she is already able to fully operate any piece of technology with touchscreen capability that she gets her little hands on.  While there are tablets for kids she is far too used to adult tablets and in particular the ability to video call … [Read more...]

Turn Your Favourite Moments into Art with ookpix


Ookpix is a 100% Canadian company dedicated to turning your favourite moments into wall art, home décor, calendars & photo books.  I love buying North American products because they tend to be higher quality but when I am able to go completely Canadian that is something I am very happy to do.  With Ookpix everything is made in Canada and shipped from Canada so no … [Read more...]

Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls

Eggnogg Cinnamon Rolls

One of my favourite holiday treats is a tall glass of eggnogg with some nutmeg grated over it.  Eggnog sure is a love it or hate it thing though!   This recipe for Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls is a great way for even non-eggnogg-ers to enjoy some of the special holiday beverage. Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls INGREDIENTS Dough: 1/2 cup Milk 1/2 cup Eggnog 2 1/4 tsp Active Dry … [Read more...]

I See Me! Personalized Books #FMEGifts14


It's been awhile now since I first reviewed my first I See Me! book and its still safe to say that I love absolutely love their offerings. The I See Me! mission is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of their books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the … [Read more...]