Pineapple Delight

Pineapple Delight Recipe

This recipe for Pineapple Delight comes from my mom.  I have no idea where it originally came from but its always been my favourite dessert.  I prefer this to cake on my birthday.  It’s super rich though so don’t make the mistake of piling it high on your plate!     Pineapple Delight Ingredients: 1 […]

My Secret Weapon in the Kitchen #DawnBeyondtheSink

Dawn Beyond the Sink

  After slaving away in my kitchen preparing meals for my family, spending more time cleaning up is not my favourite thing to do.  Unfortunately cooking often leaves greasy stains throughout the kitchen to clean up.  Sometimes the grease spots will go undetected for a few days and become hard-to-remove, requiring a whole lot of […]

How to Host a Pumpkin Carving Party

How to Host a Pumpkin Carving Party

The weather is cooling off and everyone is talking about pumpkin everything. It’s that time of year to start planning the perfect pumpkin carving party! If you are in the mood to make one happen, check out these great tips to help you make your carving party a memorable one.  Choose the best pumpkins The […]

The Healthy Shopper Fall 2014 Picks

The healthy shopper is back again with more great healthy picks for the Fall 2014 season for your family to enjoy.  If you aren’t familiar with the Healthy Shopper, it was founded by Andrea Donsky, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Randy Boyer, a life-long advocate of healthy living and eating.  The Healthy Shopper is a […]

How to Plan an Exciting Minecraft Party


  If you have a Minecraft lover on your hands and are trying to create an exciting Minecraft birthday party he or she will love, grab a notepad and pencil. I’m sharing ideas you can build upon for invitations, party decorations, favours and even cool cake and sweets table options. Invitations set the tone for your event. Minecraft themed invitations come in […]

Keep Good Food From Going Bad #GLADFreshFoodChallenge

Keep Good Food From Going Bad #GLADFreshFoodChallenge

My family participated in the Glad Fresh Food Challenge which was a commitment to achieve ZERO food wasted over the first two weeks of October.   This is a tough challenge for us as we often get a little over-excited in the produce section and end up throwing out rotting fruits and vegetables we just plain […]

Bummis Dimple Diaper #Giveaway

Bummis Dimple Diaper

   It’s been awhile since I last did a cloth diaper review.  I haven’t been avoiding it per say but I’ve definitely not gone out of my way to pursue any opportunities.  Partly because I have an obscenely large cloth diaper collection and partly because I haven’t been excited by an innovative cloth diaper in […]