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Wool Overs: Finest Cashmere, Cotton and Wool Knitwear


Wool Overs: Finest Cashmere, Cotton and Wool Knitwear

With fall and cooler weather on its way its time to switch out the bathing suits and summer dresses for cozy sweaters.  There is nothing like a warm sweater on a cold autumn evening or even in late summer at the cottage when it gets chilly at night.

When it comes to sweaters, just like with the rest of my wardrobe, I want fashionable pieces that are also functional, versatile and of good quality.  I recently had the opportunity to try out some Wool Overs sweaters, and discovered that I get all that plus truly affordable prices and 100% natural fibres.

Wool Overs is a men’s and ladies classic and contemporary knitwear retailer specializing in Wool, Cotton & Cashmere knitwear.

I don’t know about you, but I can always use a good cardi in my life and this Cashmere Spotty Cardigan for Women in Dark Turquoise keeps me warm and stylish.  It’s perfect for layer over lighter clothes and works well as casual wear but is easy to dress up for more formal affairs. 

It is a semi-fitted Cashmere & Merino cardigan sweater; 30% cashmere and 70% merino.  This sweater is so soft and I love the bright colour and polka dots.  


Wool Overs: Finest Cashmere, Cotton and Wool Knitwear

I also ordered this Aran Cardigan in Cream and I was impressed immediately by how hefty the knit of this sweater is.  It is made from British Wool in a relaxed classic fit with a heavier weight gauge of wool.  There is a visible difference between this sweater and the other two because of the wool and gauges used but the durability and quality is apparent among all three garments I tried out.

The style is very classic and reminds me of Eastern Canada.  The details in this sweater are gorgeous from the beautiful Aran stitching to the wood buttons. Plus the pockets are pretty handy.

I was surprised by how soft this sweater is despite the higher gauge.  I have a wool blanket and it is the best blanket I own.  It is just so warm and cozy but it is also extremely itchy on bare skin and not what I would call soft at all.  The Aran Cardigan is a little itchy because of the gauge but it is still quite soft.  The itchiness isn’t really a problem unless you intend to wear the cardigan against your bare skin anyway. 

How perfect is this cardigan to wear in place of a jacket or under a coat while outside on a cold Canadian autumn evening!  I can even see myself wearing it while snuggled up reading a book on my couch on a cold winter day.

Wool Overs: Finest Cashmere, Cotton and Wool Knitwear

Last but not least is the Women’s Smock in Blueberry made from Cashmere and Merino.  This sweater is super flattering, comfortable and extremely soft.  I am a big fan of little details like the fine cable knitting on the sleeves and chest and the little shell buttons running up the chest.  Like the spotted cardigan, this smock is 30% Cashmere and 70% Merino.  It is also available in 8 beautiful colours so you can be sure I’ll  by picking out a few more of these!

I was kind of excited to find out that all Wool Overs garments are machine washable if you use a wool cycle with the proper detergent for wool.  Way easier than hand washing or transporting sweaters to a laundromat for cleaning.


Buy it:

Wool Overs knitwear come in a large variety of styles, colours and natural fibres and they can be purchased online at (or for my American readers!).



Tuesday 25th of November 2014

I really like that "Teal " colour, my hubby keeps the heat down so I always have to wear a sweater


Thursday 11th of September 2014

I am a sweater girl, My sweaters are getting real old, time for some new ones

Victoria Ess

Thursday 11th of September 2014

Those sweaters look so cozy and comfy! Love them!


Sunday 7th of September 2014

I love all of them, I too am a sweater girl and need to get a few new ones

Darlene Schuller

Saturday 6th of September 2014

I'm a sweater girl.. love them can never own enough!!