Taken 2 Movie Review

Last Updated on January 19, 2013

Liam Neeson Returns in the Action-Packed Sequel from Producer Luc Besson.
Arriving on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD Today.

Taken starred Liam Neeson as Brian Mills, a security expert and former special-ops guy whose daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped while on a vacation trip to Paris. So he becomes a one-man wrecking crew, smashing his way through a ring of Eastern European human traffickers who are about to sell his daughter to a sheikh as a sex slave.

Taken 2begins with Brian as a more regular feature in his daughter and ex-wife Lenore’s lives.  He is teaching his daughter to drive and even invites the pair of them on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey when he finds out Lenore’s marriage is on the rocks.

Unfortunately the father of one of the traffickers killed in Paris vows revenge and tracks Brian down in Istanbul.  This time it is Brian and Lenore who are taken and it is up to their daughter Kim to save the day.

I found that Taken 2 is different but the same when compared to Taken.  It is the same familiar set-up, basic plot and pace.  Where Taken began with a trivial argument between Brian and Kim regarding not wanting her to travel alone, Taken 2 begins with a similar argument regarding Brian not wanting Kim to be alone with her boyfriend.  Different but the same.

While I didn’t find Taken 2 to be as surprising or intense as Taken, it was still very entertaining and worth watching.  We get to see Neeson playing the ever calm, cool and collected super dad using his CIA skills to save the day. 

As a testament as to how entertaining this film is, my husband managed to stay awake right through to the end.  This is such a rare event for us as he typically falls asleep during movie-nights somewhere between the 5-30 minute mark.

Have you seen Taken 2 yet?  How did it compare for you to the first movie?

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product in order to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and opinions remain honest and my own.

12 thoughts on “Taken 2 Movie Review

  1. Liam Neeson is a really good actor and I loved him in Schindler’s List. I enjoyed watching Taken and look forward to watching Taken 2. Thanks for the review.

  2. I loved Taken…. everytime I saw the previews for it I got more and more excited about seeing it. Me and Hubby had a date night just this past Saturday and rented Taken 2 and I loved it even more that the first, I think I liked the second movie better because there was participation form the daughter and you could see she had gotten stronger and had overcome her horriffic experience from the first movie to help to find her father and mother. All in all, Loved both movies and strongly recomend both of them!!!

    1. I did like that the Daughter seemed stronger and ABLE although this was slightly contradicted by her very annoying “I can’t do this!” over and over while driving. I LOVED Brian’s response to that though: ‘Do You Know How To Shoot?….Then Drive!’ Classic.

  3. I haven’t seen Taken 2 yet. I always wait for movies to come to Netflix, not wanting to pay $9 to go to the theater and see it. Thank you for the great review!! Ill be waiting for it to come to Netflix.

  4. I just found out from a friend that Taken 2 was getting released this week, so I’ll definitely have to put it at the top of my Blockbuster @Home rental queue. I like the realism that comes with good action flicks like the first Taken, and I haven’t seen the second one yet, but I’m really looking forward to watching it based on the good things my friends say about it. While working at DISH I’ve tried to stay informed on all DISH products and services, that’s why I tried Blockbuster @Home, and like how I can afford to rent this movie (plus thousands of other movie titles and video games they have) for a flat, low monthly fee.

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