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7 Nightly Self-Care Rituals for Busy Moms

Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Garnier Whole Blends, the opinions and language are my own.

 If you want to wake up ready to take on the day then try these 7 daily self-care rituals for busy moms.


As moms, we often let our own health and wellness go in favour of putting our families first. Ideally, our own health and wellness should be one of our top priorities but life often gets in the way of that. It sometimes feels like an impossibility to achieve even a little me-time and that is where you need to get proactive and ensure you are setting aside time for your own self-care.

I prefer to set aside some me-time just before bed. It allows me to de-stress and relax enough that I can fall right to sleep without all the tossing and turning that often follows a busy, stressful day. Getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well when I wake up is key to being a better mom.

As a night person, I also find it hard to start the day off right if I don’t set myself up for success during my nighttime routine. The more positive I feel before bed, the more prepared I am for what the new day will bring.

If you want to wake up ready to take on the day then try these 7 daily self-care rituals.



In the Shower

I love baths as much as the next person but my kids seem to have developed the ability to wake up just as I go to draw a bath. I have a feeling that is probably universal. I promise you though, a shower can be just as relaxing as a bath.

1) Start by dimming or shutting off the bright lights for a more soothing atmosphere. I love the sound of the water falling in the shower, but you might want to play some soothing music to help distract you from your own thoughts.

2) The shower is also a great time to work on controlled breathing. It only takes a few minutes and you can do it at any time which makes it perfect for in the shower – all you need to do is focus on breathing deeply. This helps you to relax and de-stress.





3) Treat your hair well. I was recently introduced to a brand-new hair care blend from Garnier Whole Blends: Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils and it has been the perfect addition to my nightly self-care ritual. Garnier Whole Blends are Paraben Free, contain Natural Extracts and use gentle sulfates.  The formula for Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils includes a blend of Argan Oil from Morocco and Camelia Oil from Japanese flowers to moisturise and return a silky shine to your tresses.



The shampoo has a nice light floral scent, and lathers up nicely in the hair, leaving your hair feeling clean but not stripped. The shampoo is my favourite part of my routine. The light scent is so relaxing to breathe in as you indulge your hair with a truly sensorial experience.


The balm conditioner has a much heavier scent that is stronger than I’m used to, but boy does it work! The conditioner is thick and gets to work smoothing out hair for more shine without weighing hair down. A little goes a long way with this one. Once I’ve dried my hair it feels soft, and surprisingly less frizzy and much shinier than usual prior to straightening it out. 

This shampoo and conditioner combo worked so well on my long, thick and curly hair that I started using it in my kids hair too. It makes their hair so soft and manageable, I adore the results – no more crying in the bath when we comb their hair out with the conditioner still in it!  Garnier Whole Blends are ideal for the whole family because they’re Paraben Free, contain Natural Extracts and use only gentle sulfates.



Usually, my hair dries out easily because of its length and thickness, but the Marvelous Oil does a great job of stepping in and providing 7 different benefits: nourishes, illuminates, softens, relaxes, perfumes, protects and perfects. It really helps to make my curls soft and protects my hair when I use heat to style it straight, leaving it looking soft, shiny and healthy.

I love heading to bed with clean, soft, freshly scented hair and after using the Garnier Whole Blends: Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils products, I can do just that.

Those with fine hair might want to check out Garnier’s NEW Legendary Olive blend as it is silicone-free and nourishes hair without weighing it down. Each blend is focused on a unique hair action, so there is a Whole Blends for everyone in the family! You can learn ore about Whole Blends and find your own perfect blend with Garnier Whole Blends online.

Now you can add the Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils products to your own nightly ritual and save with this coupon!


In Bed

4) Turn off all your technology.  That includes your phone. Technology can be a huge bedtime problem as it may over stimulate your brain before sleep, and can disrupt your natural sleep cycles because of the light from your devices.

5) Read. Avoid newspapers, magazines and especially Facebook. Instead pick up a piece of fiction, a biography, or even an interesting text book. Give yourself a few minutes of relaxing reading in a quiet setting, perhaps with a cup of chamomile tea in hand.

6) Take time every night to think about and appreciate the blessings in your life. Think about the good things that happened in your day, even if they are just little things. Especially when times are tough, remembering even the smallest blessings in our lives can help us ride out the storm. Focusing on the good things in our lives can help get your mind off all the things racing through your mind. Alternatively, journaling provides a great opportunity to check in with yourself on a daily basis. I feel that when I write things down, it helps me to feel like things are sorted out.  It can be as easy as taking five minutes to write out all your pressing thoughts or a to-do list for the next day. 

7) Create a relaxing bedroom environment by keeping your bedroom free of unnecessary clutter. A relaxing and clutter free bedroom will help you to unwind and sleep better. I like to spray my pillow with a lavender linen spray to help relax me further.


A nightly ritual can help you relax and re-center for a good nights sleep. It really can make a world of difference in your daily life, allowing you to be more patient and to be at your best. You deserve it!


If you have a nightly routine, which parts are your favourite ?





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Elva Roberts

Saturday 19th of August 2017

Part of my nightly ritual is to apply a trusted moisturizer to my face, neck, arms and legs. This helps me to relax. I like to apply a dab of perfume to enjoy. I think that moisturizing your skin morning and evening is a 'must do' to keep one's skin in really good shape.

Kelly Stone

Sunday 12th of February 2017

Great tips. Turning off technology is not easy, but so true.

- Kelly

Autumn Reo

Tuesday 7th of February 2017

Life is not worth living without some great bath products. I will have to try these.

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Tuesday 7th of February 2017

Thank you for sharing these great tips! I love taking a shower too before going to bed. It is very relaxing! :D


Monday 6th of February 2017

I need to take more time for myself. A spa night with these products sounds like a fabulous way to do that.