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Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

Summer is almost here, and although the weather is already getting hot and humid around here, I am really looking forward to a few weeks of unbearably hot weather before we get back to the usual cold.  With summer weather comes summer activities, fun and maybe even some family outings. 

We used to spend our summers as a kid camping for a couple weeks at a time and I absolutely loved those camping trips.  I even enjoyed that time we spent a week in a tiny orange tent getting rained on.  I was only sent off to summer camp once – it was girl guide camp and I practically begged my parents to go.

Whether you are planning for a family camping trip, or to send your child off to summer camp, it’s time to start planning and preparing.


Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

I shared a couple weeks ago a list of summer camp essentials, it’s a pretty lengthy list of what you should pack with your child and that means there are a lot of things that can and probably will go missing.  Stuck On You has a variety of labels and summer camp essentials that will help you make sure you get back exactly what you send.

I think one of the items that most often goes missing are towels and that can quickly get to be an expensive problem.  Never deal with forgotten towels again with these super cute Personalized Beach Towels from Stuck On You! 


Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

The  Beach Towels are Embroidered with your child’s name, and are available in striped or spot designs in a variety of colours. The towels are 100% cotton, really high quality and HUGE.  I was actually surprised not only how nice and thick this towel was but also by its size.  It’s definitely been designed and manufactured to last, even through a summer of rough treatment by a child.  It would also work great either as a beach towel or as a bath towel!

Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

Of course it’s always fun when it comes time to figure out how to pack your child’s toiletries and now you can make this actually feel fun with a personalised Travel Kit from Stuck On You.  This kit is perfect for family road trips, camp or even just sleep-overs.  The kit includes a toiletry bag which is a fully lined durable poly canvas bag  with plenty of pockets for storing everything necessary from their toothbrush to the travel-friendly bottles that come with 4 matching personalised labels.  A handy metal hook make it easy to hang whilst still accessing contents and when closed there is an easy to hold handle on the top.


Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You


When ordering you can choose from a wide selection of colourful original designs that are popular with both boys and girls.  Everything comes personalised including choice of colour, font style and design for both the labls for the bottles as well as the bag itself.

The travel bottles are a perfect size for short trips and  even comply with size requirements for air travel.  I love that there is even a spray bottle which is perfect for packing detangler.


Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

The Personalised Name Labels can be personalised with two lines of text so that you can label both your childs name as well as the contents of the bottle.  I like that you don’t have to worry about the labels coming off in the shower as they are waterproof. 

Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

 Of course it doesn’t help if all your personalised items are carefully labelled and then promptly lost in a sea of  look-alike luggage and bags.  The perfect way for your kids to easily recognize their own bags, even in a pile of similar bags, is to slip on a cute little personalized bag tag from Stuck On You.  These bag tags are not only completely adorable but so functional too.  Picking out your bag has never been easier!


Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

We chose to order Cool Kids Bag Tags as they are a great key-chain style bag tag that are available in colourful, original designs.  Keep in mind that you can fit your child’s full name, for the purpose of this review I opted to go with first names only to protect Keira and Ava’s privacy.


Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You

Of course, Stuck On You also offers some pretty great packages of labels for clothing and other items.  We went with iron-on clothing labels as they are a great permanent way to label kids clothing.  Of course, clothing labels are great even beyond summer camp and are a great investment. 

Stuck On You also has a new range of Write On Labels that are perfect for camp – they’re as simple as write, peel and label! They are available as Write On Name Labels and Write On Clothing Labels, which make them great to label all of your kids gear before camp and ensure it returns home!

With Stuck On You, you can forget about worrying over what your child won’t come home with.   Check out their official website for even more great personalized labelling products.

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Summer Camp Essentials from Stuck On You


Victoria Ess

Saturday 19th of December 2015

These are SO handy!

kathy downey

Saturday 21st of November 2015

They really do have some nice items as posted here,i will have to look at their site for gift suggestions.Your daughter is very pretty.


Tuesday 9th of June 2015

Keira looks like she loves her personalised Stuck on You products! We hope she enjoys camp- thanks for the post, Elizabeth! Bel

Lisa Rios

Saturday 6th of June 2015

Your girl looks so cute. Pink is my all time favorite one. The beach towel and the luggage bag looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing great information about summer camp essentials.


Friday 5th of June 2015

I love the beach towels. I love that they can be personalized