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I took the Stayfree Challenge and you won’t believe the results!

When it comes to feminine care products I’ve always stuck to the brands and products that my mom used and provided for us growing up.  So month after month I’ve been reaching for the same products.  Sure they’ve changed since I was a teen.  They are nice and thin and don’t leave you feeling like you are wearing a diaper like the boats that used to be available.  Why fix something that isn’t broken?

But, what if I told you, it is broken and you just don’t know it.

You probably wouldn’t believe me, and that’s OK but if you read on and watch the video below, I will show you that your monthly care solution is probably broken and needs fixing.


I was asked to take the Stayfree Challenge so that Stayfree could demonstrate first hand how their ultra thin pads stack up against the competition.  The Stayfree Challenge is a quick and easy ‘blue liquid’ pad test that I was able to perform right at home to see how Stayfree Ultra Thin pads perform alongside their competitors. One of which was the brand I have been using over half my life!

Strayfree Ultra Thin pads, with Thermocontrol technology and a Flexibile-Fit design, offer a unique combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body throughout the day.  Inspired by high performance athletic fabrics, Stayfree Ultra Thin pads help keep you dry with exceptional protection and comfort.

I was really excited to take the Stayfree Challenge because there was no way to fake the results.  I kind of expected to see even results across the board but it wasn’t even a little bit close!

I was sent three bottles with 5ml of blue saline liquid in each, three five pound weights, three blotting sheets, and the three different pads including the Stayfree pads.  The test involved pouring the blue liquid onto the centre of each pad, allowing the liquid to absorb and the placing a blotting sheet on the centre of each pad.

Next came the weights and after removing them the incredible results were revealed!

Check out the results, I think you might be surprised, I sure was!