Pumpkin Cake Pop Tutorial

Last Updated on February 20, 2016

 Pumpkin Cake Pop Tutorial
These Pumpkin Cake Pops are super cute and surprisingly simple to create.   You can package the pumpkins in individual treat bags for giving away or make an adorable pumpkin patch on your fall dessert table. These pumpkins have a subtle colouring that is perfect all fall season and not specific to Halloween.  Follow this Pumpkin Cake Pop Tutorial for some fab results!


Supplies & Ingredients:

  • 1 batch cake balls
  • 1 package pumpkin spice candy melts
  • 1 package orange (vanilla flavored) candy melts
  • 1 batch green royal icing
  • piping bag fitted with a #2 round tip
  • paper lollipop sticks


Pumpkin Cake Pop Tutorial


I make my cake balls by crumbling up cake that has been baked and cooled for several hours. I mix the cake with a small amount of frosting until the mixture is thick and holds together well. The mixture should easily pack into small balls with your hands. After you’ve packed the mixture into balls, place a lollipop stick in each ball and freeze for 10-15 minutes.

After cake balls are chilled, mix orange and pumpkin spice candy melts in a bowl and heat according to package instructions.

Remove cake pops from the freezer and coat with the candy melt one to a time. Stand upright in a jar or glass to allow the candy melt to become hard. Swirling the candy melt a little as you apply it will create ridges on the pumpkin.

Once the candy melt has become hard, apply a small amount of green icing with your piping bag to create a stem, vine, and leaves on your pumpkins.

Let icing harden completely before serving.


Racquel is a stay at home mom with an extensive background in interior home design.  She loves baking & creating beautifully decorated treats, cooking new and unique recipes for the whole family,  designing and decorating on a budget with upcycled projects, and making kid and grown-up crafts.  See more from Racquel at her blog, Creating Cooking and Kiddos.


8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cake Pop Tutorial

  1. I didn;t know they had pumpkin spice candy melts. I am so dying to bake now. My stomach can’t take it, Grumble grumble. I like the cake ball maker machine that I have for this. But the crumbled ones taste super good.

  2. Thanks for sharing,these would be great for our Halloween party,I wish I was more talented with things like this

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