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Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy #FMEGifts14

Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy #FMEGifts14

Ava has a lot of hand me down toys from her sister so it is always exciting to get a brand new toy intended for her.  We were sent the brand new Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy to check out. 

The Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy is actually intended for children 12 months and up, and at the time of writing Ava is only 10 month old.   That said, she is pretty advanced for her age and had no problems grasping the concept of the toy, although she still hasn’t perfected it’s use. 

Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy #FMEGifts14

The idea is that baby “feeds” the Froggy butterflies (3 colourful balls with butterflies imprinted on them) which then roll down the Froggio’s 4 colourful ramps causing the toy to play music and frog sounds while its cheeks light up .  Baby can then push the button at the Frog’s foot to chase the balls and start the fun all over again.

All the fun put-and-take play encourages motor skills, hand-eye coordination, dexterity and cause and effect plus the lights and music work well as immediate positive reinforcement.

I really love the simple but effective design – it is sturdy, brightly coloured, and offers a fun way for baby to explore the world.

Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy #FMEGifts14

The balls are the perfect size for Ava to hold and the the Froggio is at the perfect height as well.  Ava quickly grasped that she was supposed to put the balls into the Froggio, she just took a little longer to realize that feeding the Frog through the mouth was the “right way” to play.  She is still a bit young for this toy and mostly just enjoys crawling around with as many of the balls as she can carry at one time.   

I was actually a little surprised to find that Keira had as much fun playing with the frog as Ava.  She loves watching the balls roll down the ramps and loves releasing the balls to cause her sister to go on a mad scramble to grab the balls.  Of course, at nearly 3 years old she easily grasped how to play with the Froggio Toy.


Playskool Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy #FMEGifts14

Buy it:

You can get the Tumble ‘n Glow Froggio Toy from Amazon for only $24.99 and across Canada at the Real Canadian Superstore, Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us, and Atlantic Superstore.  (Also Available Nationwide across the USA)     

Victoria Ess

Thursday 25th of December 2014

That looks like a really cute toy

j meyer

Monday 15th of December 2014

my nephew would love this, it is so cute

kathy downey

Monday 24th of November 2014

And I love the price

kathy downey

Sunday 23rd of November 2014

What a great toy for my grandson

kathy downey

Friday 21st of November 2014

What a nice interactive toy!