How to Make Homemade Flannel Baby Wipes

Last Updated on February 19, 2016

Making homemade baby wipes are incredibly inexpensive to make and a pretty simple diy sewing project.

Disposable baby wipes are easy to use and convenient, that is for sure.  However, if you cloth diaper then using cloth wipes only makes sense plus you will know exactly what is in your wipe solution.  Wipe down your children and then simply throw inside the dirty diaper before putting it in your wet bag.  Making homemade baby wipes is not as complicated as making your own cloth diapers and are incredibly inexpensive to make.  If you can cut a somewhat straight line and are able to use a sewing machine you can make wipes quickly for just pennies.

I prefer flannel wipes myself as I find they hold up the best, clean well and stay soft.  I bought new flannel on sale for mine, but you could also use old flannel baby blankets, sheets etc…




Sewing Scissors (Good Craft Scissors would work as well)

Sewing Machine



If you are using new flannel wash and dry as you would your cloth diapers to ensure they won’t shrink.

Cut your flannel into 6″x6″ squares, honestly though these are wipes for your childs bum, they do not need to be perfect so just eyeball it and if your lines aren’t perfectly straight the next step will take care of that.

Use a zig-zag stitch around the sides of your squares to hem them.  


That is it.  I told you it was simple!  To use you will need wipe solution and a tub to store the solution in.  We make chamomile tea and use that as a wipe solution inside a commercial baby wipe tub.   The chamomile is great for treating diaper rashes.  You can find a variety of different wipe solutions depending on your family’s needs.  We also store our wipes dry rather than allowing them to soak in the container.  If you do choose to pre-soak your wipes you will definitely want to find an anti-fungal wipe solution.



24 thoughts on “How to Make Homemade Flannel Baby Wipes

  1. I did this recently! Some of our flannel baby blankets were looking a little rough, so they were repurposed! I’m on the looking for a comparable wipes solution to the one we are currently running out of. To replace my solution is easy if I want to pay the insane shipping costs…not gonna happen lol.

  2. This is a great way to save money and save on filling up the garbage and everyone always has extra flannel baby blankets

  3. This is an awesome way to recycle worn down receiving blankets! I’ve got a few of Saedy’s here that are older.. I think I’ll do this with them… the wipes I keep here for when she comes are getting dried out since I don’t need to use them that often. Thanks for the tip girlie!

  4. When my kids were little I loved using my homemade wipes. I ended up cutting up old pairs of track pants and they worked great! They just were not as cute as yours =)

  5. A family member gave us a ton of receiving blankets for baby due in January and I’m planning on making baby wipes with them! Thanks for the easy instructions!

  6. how cute is this, I like that you make it so simple for us to follow.. I wish my sewing machine was working, was hoping to have won one but no luck.. had plans on making a few things for Christmas but that will have to wait.. Thanks for sharing with us @tisonlyme143

  7. I never thought of doing this and I am soon to be a great grandma so with that said, I am going to make some of these to take with me when I go to be with the kids when the baby is born in Sept…. can’t wait..!! Gotta get on making these soon… looks so easy and I have everything to make them with….so glad I found this great post of yours!! Thanks!!!!!!

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