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Make, Bake, Cook and Learn Together This March Break

march-break-boutique-button-2-185x185This March Break keep things fresh by nourishing your child’s sense of adventure and creativity with DK books.

Their amazing selection of crafting, cooking and activity books are a wonderful source to answer all the “What should I do?” questions. Together we can make this years March Break the best ever for you and your kids!

DK has an amazing set of three books I chose from the March Break Boutique to check out that I’d like to highlight that are perfect for keeping you and your young children occupied during March Break.

51fz-4u9KNLMommy and Me Craft

The perfect way to introduce kids to the wonderful world of crafting, knitting, sewing, crocheting, and more, Mommy and Me Craft is full of fun craft ideas for the whole family.

With a wide range of projects including animal masks, friendship bracelets, knitted bunnies, fabric bags, pom pom creatures, and more, kids will develop a sense of achievement upon completion of projects and will love the rewarding feeling of being able to have something to show for the time they’ve spent. In addition to the projects featured throughout the book, readers will learn about materials such as wool and fabric: what they are, where they come from, and fun facts about each one, making Mommy and Me Craft one-of-a-kind.

Mommy & Me Craft


This book is broken up into sections covering 5 different materials including Paper, Yarn, Paint, Junk and Felt.  There are also templates included to help with creating some of the projects and even a handy sewing technique guide detailing some of the stitches used in the the projects throughout the book.

The projects are easy enough for grade school children to do with materials you likely already have around your home.  The tutorials contain plenty of step-by-step photography and beautiful photos of the finished projects to help you along.

There are projects included in the book which I remember doing in school myself decades ago, but there are also some really great and new-t0-me ideas that will be fun to try with my girls.  From pom-pom creatures to pencil toppers there are plenty of fun activities to keep you busy during March Break and beyond!


51SyHCJfj9L Mommy and Me Start Cooking

Cook and learn together with Mommy and Me Start Cooking.

Full of fun activities such as experiencing food with all five senses, designing dishes, and performing kitchen experiments, plus an introduction to measurements associated with cooking, this is the perfect cookbook for children who want to join their parents in the kitchen.

Readers will learn about staple ingredients such as eggs, flour, and chocolate. They will find out what is inside an egg, where vegetables grow, how flour is made, and more.

Mommy and Me Start Cooking will educate and entertain, and is a fun way for families to spend time together.

 The book starts out with some detail on healthy eating, explaining what makes up a balanced diet.  The book is broken up into sections featuring Eggs, Flour, Pasta, Rice, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peas, Chocolate, and Strawberries.  Each section starts out with a two-page spread featuring the main ingredient, explaining what it is, varieties, how its grown or made etc..

I was a bit disappointed that this book features so many baked goods and desserts.  I was expecting to see more balanced meals featured.  That said, some of the recipes look amazing like the chicken risotto and potato fishcakes; I just wish more like them had been included.

Like all DK titles, this book features plenty of gorgeous photography, including  images to accompany the recipe directions which is perfect to help smaller children follow along.  This is a great first cookbook and offers the opportunity to explore several different basic cooking techniques.


61uNnO5f9lLMommy and Me Bake

Is your child a budding chef, always wanting to help in the kitchen? Do you want to encourage your child’s cooking aspirations, but need recipes that are safe for children and things that you can cook together? Look no further than Mommy & Me Bake, the cookbook designed to offer parent and child the opportunity to work together as a team while teaching basic baking skills.From simple kneading and mixing to creating whimsical designs and decorations that can be customized according to the creativity of your little chef, Mommy & Me Bake is designed to encourage experimentation, build self-esteem in your child, incorporate the silliness of cooking with a child, and encourage bonding and the joy of working together as parent and child. Every single recipe in Mommy & Me Bake is designed to teach, to be fun for children, and to taste delicious, so your child can be proud to share finished recipes at the family table or with friends!


Mommy and Me Bake starts off with the basics, detailing the equipment needed for baking and the recipes included in the book.  It then moves on to detail weighing and measuring ingredients, and an interesting guide on the mechanics of the typical ingredients used in baking.  The rest of the book is broken down into four types of baked goods including cookies, cakes, bread and pastry.

I was pleased to find that this book wasn’t all dessert and includes recipes for pizza, mini quiches and chicken turnovers.

The techniques used are simple enough for children to do which means they are pretty foolproof but delicious!



Victoria Ess

Thursday 27th of August 2015

I have this cookbook and love it!

kathy downey

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

We love DK books

kathy downey

Friday 27th of March 2015

Wow DK does really have a book for everything

Stephanie LaPlante

Sunday 15th of March 2015

My little cousins would have so much fun with these books.

Laurie P

Saturday 14th of March 2015

Going to attempt some baking with my girl....fingers crossed!