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Introducing GEOX’s Stages & Ages Collection for Kids


Making sure that Keira’s shoes fit is a real challenge, and I mean a challenge that can only be described as 2 year old problems.   She will do things like curl her toes and answer “No” to everything.  The fact that her feet are rapidly growing doesn’t help either.

We were invited to try out GOEX’s newly launched Stages & Ages Collection for Kids, which solves this problem plus some for Canadian parents.  GEOX is the leading manufacturer of breathable, high quality footwear for kids in Canada.  The Collection, available just in time for the back to school season, features a system that makes it easy for parents to select great fitting footwear for their children from crib to teen years!

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It is critical for children’s feet that they wear the right footwear in the right size at every stage of growth to ensure the natural optimal development of the foot.  A large percentage of foot problems are caused by ill-fitting shoes while the feet are still growing, and the new Ages and Stages collection allows parents to get the best fit with seven unique categories that cater to each stage of development. 

The first four stages, from crib up to  years, feature a removable insole that can be used to check the growth of the child’s feet without all the fighting and the hassle thanks to the “Check Your Feet” system.  The system lets parents know when its time to upsize simply by removing the insole – the shoes fit if the toes and heel are within the coloured area on the pad.  



The insole is made from chrome-free leather and open-cell polyurethane, a material that has an exclusive “memory effect” that allows it to maintain its original shape even after prolonged use.  It is also made to help prevent bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odour.

We visited the GEOX store in Mapleview Mall, Burlington, ON to pick out a pair of shoes.  This was a great chance to see a variety of the shoes available in the new fall collection as well as see what the customer service was like.  I worked for over 6 years at an athletic shoe store and had all the steps for great customer service pounded into my head so I notice even the little things. 

We were pleasantly greeted well within 10 seconds of entering the store and from start to finish we were given great advice and assistance.  I was quite pleased with the level of service we received, and did note that other customers were treated just as well. 

There was a great variety of shoes for the whole family in really fashionable styles.  Keira picked out this super cute pair of high tops in purple and they have a ton of features we both love. 

The shoes offer great support, the “Check Your Feet” insole, and a waterproof but breathable membrane that lets sweat out without letting water in.  Having the proper support is key, especially around Keira’s age which is when the foots muscles and ligaments have developed but the arch is still taking shape.   Her new GEOX shoes definitely offer great support and flexibility so I feel at ease knowing they are doing her feet some good.


While they do have laces and Velcro, they really only need to be done up once thanks to the handy zipper on the sides of the shoes that make it easy to pop them on and off.  The outer soles are non-slip and shock-proof too.   I don’t think I have ever seen such smart features in a kids shoe before!

Oh, have I mentioned that there are lights on the sides that light up as Keira walks and jumps and plays?  She loves “new shoes” in general, but I have never seen her quite this excited over a pair of shoes before.  I kind of don’t blame her either, they look super comfy and pretty cool too.



Buy it:

The purchase of any GEOX kid’s shoes come with a “Beat Voice” bracelet as a free gift.  The silicone bracelet is a genuine high tech “jewel”:  it lights up when you talk into the microphone and records any sound. Available exclusively from mid-August to the end of October, in selected stores.

To find a GEOX retailer near you, please visit






Elva Roberts

Thursday 2nd of October 2014

It seems to me that GEOX shoes is the ultimate in footwear from birth to adulthood. They have a scientific and sensible approach for making and fitting their beautifully made footwear. After reading your post, I would not hesitate to bring a child to their store for footwear.


Friday 19th of September 2014

They look great on your daughter, are they comfortable?


Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

Cant get a nicer pair of shoes than this

kathy downey

Monday 25th of August 2014

These are cute and a fair price


Friday 15th of August 2014

I love the colour purple, I would wear purple shoes