The MAJESTA e•z flush Shake Test #Giveaway

 Keira is now successfully day-time potty trained but doing away with diaper means great responsibilities like learning how to wipe herself.  She is definitely a girl who can’t help but use more than just a little too much when it comes to toilet paper.  The is especially a problem when combined with our low-flow toilets.  Let’s just say that until recently we had a rather ugly plunger right beside the toilet for the occasional incident.  

I say until recently because I was introduced to MAJESTA e•z flush, a toilet paper that breaks down quickly and efficiently in water.  It’s perfect for homes with low-flow toilets, septic systems and homes with little ones who love toilet paper.  Plus it is super soft and comfortable to use just like my old brand of toilet paper.  Honestly I would never have believed that a toilet paper that breaks down so easily could feel so soft.

So does it really break down in water?  I know you are curious! 

The MAJESTA e•z flush Shake Test


MAJESTA e.z Flush

You have to see it to believe it so I did the MAJESTA e•z flush Shake Test and I was really amazed and convinced by the results!  You can replicate the test at home with two empty water bottles,  a roll of MAJESTA e•z flush and a roll of your current brands toilet paper.

Start by stuffing the empty bottles with about 5 lengths of toilet paper.

MAJESTA e.z Flush

Fill the bottles with water.

MAJESTA e.z Flush

Put the caps on and shake each bottle for 30 seconds.

MAJESTA e.z Flush

Empty the contents and see what happens!

MAJESTA e.z Flush

I was surprised to find that the MAJESTA e•z flush was almost completely broken down with just bits of residue and flowed out of the bottle easily.  The leading brand did not fair as well.  While it did break down a bit it took a lot of effort to dump out the water and the bottle was still filled with pieces of toilet paper. 

It is easy to see where toilet problems could arise! 

More e•z Toilet Fixes

Want to learn some great tips to keep toilet problems away?  Tammy Buchanan, a plumber, founder of Small Jobs Plumbing – the first female owned and operated plumbing company in Nova Scotia – and mother to an eight-year-old boy, shares her tips and advice on how to fix some of the most common toilet troubles with Canadians through the e•z Toilet Fixes videos on One of her top tips for avoiding plumbing problems is starting with a toilet paper that breaks down quickly in water like MAJESTA e•z flush.   Be sure to check all the videos out!

The MAJESTA $25,000 e•z Days Sweepstakes

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The MAJESTA e•z flush

Win it:

One Canadian Frugal Mom Eh reader will win a MAJESTA prize pack which includes a $25 Visa gift card, as well as MAJESTA e•z flush product ($40 value).  Giveaway ends on August 31st, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST.  See Giveaway tools form for Entry and T&C.



199 thoughts on “The MAJESTA e•z flush Shake Test #Giveaway

  1. Nothing to drastic lately just my son thinking the toilet scubber brush was the plunger so that didnt work very well lol had to do some moping up and get a new scubber brush

  2. Thankfully nothing in the past few years,but kids will try and flush the strangest items,like my grandson trying to flush a dinosaurs….when asked why,he says its loves water….lol

  3. my neighbour’s toilet just sprung a leak from the water inlet tube while they were out for the day, and now they have to replace 3 floors of ruined house. they had just finished the basement too. HUGH Hugh mess. disaster.

  4. Not yet thankfully! So far the little man threw a makeup brush in the toilet but I saw it and fished it out. Thankful the toilet was flushed and cleaned just before!

  5. We had a huge mess a couple years after we bought our house. They told us it had recently been pumped. Guess their definition of recently and mine were completely different. I had just planted gardens for veggies. Everything inside became all clogged up. Nothing would flush and go down. So we called a company to come do the septic. Oh man they had this HUGE machine that came in our fence on the left side. Had to start at the deck in the middle of the back of our house and dig all the way around the deck and to the right side right where I had just planted my garden! Our yard was destroyed. The pipe had to be dug up and stabilized bc it was dipping. AND to top it all off it rained the whole time. Took us a month to get the deep ruts flattened out in the yard. But at least it got done.

  6. The people who lived in my home before I did apparently liked to flush cat litter down the toilet..we were the ones that found out the hard way. =(

  7. We have one cranky toilet in our home. It’s the half bath on the main floor and it gets plenty of use. You need to be careful when it comes to going poop. Don’t use half a roll of toilet paper at one time. Use a bit then flush. Repeat if needed, but remember, don’t use alot of toilet paper at one time or you may need to use the plunger. Thanks for the great giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  8. We used to live in a basement apartment where the drain line out of the house would get clogged because of tree roots and the toilet would back up into our shower. Happened more than once. It was ever so lovely.

  9. Knock on wood plumbing issues are a rare occurrence .I do suffer form Crohn’s and colitis,so toilet paper quality is of great importance!

  10. I have not had any plumbing issues yet – although sometimes I use too much toilet paper and it won’t flush, but that’s my personal issue ha.

  11. My toilet is constantly getting plugged. My kids dont know the meaning of you only need a little bit. 🙁

  12. Nothing recent, but we went through something maybe 10 years ago. Never used anything else than toilet paper in the toilet ever since

  13. We have a problem with the main toilet in our house – it seems to plug often. Nothing major, a quick plunge fixes it easily but I wonder now if it is because we have a toilet paper that is not breaking down enough. Plus, our kids use the wet wipes that are supposedly flushable, but I recently read that they may not be great for toilets either…

  14. the toilets here suck, well the plumbing in general. we have to plunge normally at least once a week (normally more like every couple of days). Pretty sad when we can’t even pee without the toilet plugging, but it does. We rent, and the landlords won’t do anything about it. Its been like this since we moved in.

  15. Uggghhh yes, a few weeks ago my husband backed up the toilet and it flooded dirty water all over the bathroom. It was disgusting. Everything needed to be scrubbed and bleached and my mind is still scarred.

  16. The only problem we had was years ago, when my boys were little. One of them through a tiny car into the toilet and we needed a plumber to fix it.

  17. My grandson was over, almost two, and filled up the toilet with his cars and whatever he could find in the bathroom then flushed! His mother just left him alone for a few minutes. What a mess on the floor and a few hours of digging out toys……….

  18. Nothing really bad on my end, except for the time that our neighbour tried to sue us for a “leaky septic” when it was just natural water runoff and mud.

  19. Some part inside the toilet keeps getting stuck and makes the loudest most obnoxious noise and stops the tank from refilling. Happens once in a while and is totally unpredictable. very annoying,

  20. I dropped my pager in the toilet one night while I was on call. I was so embarrassed that I told the hospital that one of my kids had done it 🙂 when I went to get a replacement.

  21. I currently have toilet plumbing issues – leaking from the tank, bought seal #1, no go. Bought seal #2, no go. Then while tightening, broke plastic threading so it’s off to the hardware store, again 🙁 Luckily I have 2 other toilets to work with but it’s a major pain since this is my master toilet. Sucks to be an adult!

  22. No horror stories yet..but my kids tend to use a TON of toilet paper …it’s a miracle no horror stories

  23. No horror stories with the plumbing… I’ve had trouble with other brands of toilet paper breaking down during use rather than in the toilet though. Not cool!

  24. YES- A plumber built our house! And we have had nothing but plumbing issues since we bought it 12 years ago.

  25. Yes, one time, the toilet in the basement kept running all night long and we had quite a mess to clean up the next morning.

  26. As a matter of fact our flusher knob has broken and we have been waiting for a new one to come in for over a month. As a result we have had to flush our toilet by lifting the tank lid and pulling the metal inside the tank.

  27. Knock On wood we haven’t had any horror stories . The odd plugged toilet but nothing worse than a plunger could handle.

  28. Our Jack and Jill bathroom between the two smaller bedrooms froze last Christmas when our power was off for a week. It took nearly two days of funneling hot water down a tube to melt the ice in the drain, but that worked! Nothing since then!!

  29. I’m lucky enough not to have any horror stories. However, we have a recreational trailer with a septic field, so this would be amazing for that!

  30. Always have to watch out when kids come over, they seem to over-use the wrong toilet paper then it cost me a bundle for having to call a plumber. Guess I have to be buying MAJESTA e•z flush.

  31. Havent had any major problems. Just small seal leaks at the faucet which were repaired by us and hair clogging the drains which my wife cleaned out…thankfully….

  32. Yes! Our main floor bathroom toilet used to plug & overflow alot sometimes when company used it. When bought a new toilet & when took the old toilet outside to haul away we dropped it on the lawn & a Hotwheels car toy fell out of the base of it, which explains why “stuff” couldnt flush & get by it.

  33. I had problem with clogging when I used the very pricey Charmin® Cashmere® toilet paper. What good is fancy toilet paper if it can’t be flushed?

  34. My son is notorious for using too much toilet paper and clogging the toilet and I always have to unclog the toilet but pay back happened while he was away at Air Cadet Base Camp for 6 weeks. He told me that someone(not saying who but I know exactly who it was) had clogged the toilet on the boys side and all the guys got in trouble and had to clean the bathrooms!! I can guarantee when he arrives home this week I will never see a clogged toilet again!!!LOL!!

  35. we have to be super careful at our cottage because we are on a septic system so toilet issues are ALWAYS a concern.

  36. My home is on well water, so recently the sump pump stopped working and filled my basement with water. It was terrible to clean up.

  37. not so much toilet stores, but when we were sleeping the faucet in our bathroom broke and flooded out entire house, this was on the 3rd flood, and it went all the way down to the basement! Thank god we had house insurance

  38. Sadly, we have had issues. We purchased some “premium” t.p. and it turned out to be a horrible, clogging mess. So frustrating.

  39. My kitchen sink is always plugging since the street outside was dug up last year.When I had the water restored by the city it was all full of gravel.Unfortunately this has compromised the lines into my condo.

  40. UGH ! Someone tried to flush a piece of clothing down our toilet, it overflowed almost day before the plumber finally pulled it from the bathroom and found the clothes, who does that !!!! grrrr

  41. Our biggest issue was when the toilet paper ran out and instead of yelling for more paper used a facecloth and tried to flush it… Not a good thing!!!

  42. No horror stories, just had to replace the flapper last year. But since then, we’ve had the bathroom renovated so I’m not expecting anything for the future either.

  43. Thankfully haven’t had any issues lately, but i did rescue a sinking ship from my toilet bowl before it got flushed.

  44. Our old place always had toilet issues. When we moved and renovated the bathroom here we made sure the pipes were good size!

  45. my puppy at the time liked sleeping between tub and toilet.. he accidentally turned the water full blown and leaked water all downstairs.

  46. I was babysitting once and the toilet overflowed. You can imagine what was floating on the bathroom floor! The worst part was the toilet was on the second floor and the overflow was dripping down into the finished basement! Thankfully the neighbor came over to help.

  47. Yeah that damn bear’s extra strong toilet paper always clogs my toilet it doesn’t cha cha cha its way down the pipes to well.

  48. Nothing lately. Our toilet used to run (extra water contantly running into the bowl) and last summer it got clogged when someone flushed. The person who flushed didn’t notice and because it was clogged the run overflowed the toilet and flooded our bathroom and the apartment under ours.!!

  49. Yes, we had to get the septic tank drained because it was backing up. Luckily I had won some money to pay for it.

  50. Energy conscious family – so when a plumbing contractor advised that we should replace our old toilet with a new one – water level in the bowl was 1/2 from the former and flushing seemed adequate. At times when the toilet paper bunched up – issue – had to flush three times to eliminate waste – not sure if we are saving or not…H20 bill this month will tell.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  51. Our low flush toilets are ALWAYS plugged. I hate them! But once a friend made a large deposit in our toilet. We went out for the evening and when we came back our pipe had burst and it was all through the ceiliing and a huge puddle on our leather sofa. We made out good with the insurance but we’ve never let our friend live it down.

  52. When my son was very little, thought wanted to see the toilet paper flush so he just kept putting it in and flushing until he put so much in at once and then it clogged. Poor little guy…..

  53. For weeks my toilet would not flush properly. I would have to pour buckets of water in it everyday. I finally find a tablespoon blocking its exit!

  54. Bought this new, super thick expensive toilet tissue only to have it overflow while we had guests over.):

  55. We had a new toilet installed, and it wasn’t flushing properly. It was still under warranty, so I had the plumber around to check it out. He said he had to smash it in half in order for the warranty to reply, as the manufacturer would want to know what the defect was. The ‘defect’ turned out to be a toilet bowl cleaner that was mounted in the tank. Oops!

  56. Thankfully, nothing as of late, or recently… I’m going to throw future out there as well. The power of positive thinking 😉

  57. Yesterday I had to go out and stepped into the shower, got my head all lathered up and the water starts lessening, at least it stayed on until I could get the shampoo out, don’t know why it did it but it was annoying. Working okay today.

  58. Luckily this year hasn’t been too bad. Had all our plumbing problems last year after heavy rains and subsequent clean-up.

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