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Independence Day: Resurgence Blu-Ray


Twenty years after mysterious aliens nearly wiped out humankind, they’re back with a vengeance in this explosive sequel to the original blockbuster hit, INDEPENDENCE DAY! Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth developed a vast defense program to protect the planet, led by Jeff Goldblum, returning as brilliant scientist David Levinson. But nothing could prepare us for a new invasion of unprecedented scale—and only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can save our world from extinction. Co-starring Liam Hemsworth and Jesse T. Usher alongside returning fan favorites Bill Pullman and Brent Spiner, INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE is an action-packed thrill ride from start to finish!

Amazing special features include eight deleted scenes, a featurette on “The War of 1996,” the morning show parody “It’s Early, ABQ” featuring Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch and
Liam Hemsworth, a gag reel, audio commentary from Roland Emmerich, the documentary “Another Day: The Making of Independence Day: Resurgence and more.

Independence Day: Resurgence Special Features (Available on All Formats)

Eight Deleted Scenes with Audio Commentary by Roland Emmerich
The War of 1996
It’s Early, ABQ!
Another Day: The Making of Independence Day: Resurgence (available as Digital HD Extra on DVD only)
Gag Reel
Audio Commentary by Roland Emmerich
Concept Art
Theatrical Trailers and TV Spot


It’s somehow been 20 years since the original Independence Day was released, and I looked forward to seeing what could be done in 2016 with this story. The answer? Apparently not much. The film is driven by special effects and action and misses out on the emotional and character driven story of the first that made it such a hit. The film does a bunch of subplots that feel all too familiar, tired and predictable.

There are some returning stars who almost salvage the film, however their presence is undone by some ridiculously bad acting and overacting on the part of most of the other actors.

If you lower your expectations though, this is a fun “popcorn movie”, just don’t go in expecting anything more than that.



Leslie Crosbie

Tuesday 1st of November 2016

I love the first Independence Day but sometimes sequels suck, so thanks for the review!

Stephanie LaPlante

Monday 31st of October 2016

I haven't seen the new one but I absolutely loved the first one.

shelly peterson

Saturday 29th of October 2016

I almost saw this in the theater but due to poor reviews I chose a different movie. I am glad I did but I will probably rent this from Redbox. Thanks for the review.

kathy downey

Saturday 29th of October 2016

Hi,thanks for the wonderful review sure i will be checking this out with DH real soon.

Judy Cowan

Saturday 29th of October 2016

Thanks for the review, will probably check it out at some point when we need something to watch.