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Household Cleaning Done Right with Cleaning Products from Libman




When we first moved into our home the lack of carpets and beautiful laminate floors in every room aside from the tile in the kitchen was a plus. As you can imagine, with two little ones, carpets are basically a nightmare. Still, the mess these two are able to create in a day is almost on par with a natural disaster hitting our home, even with hard floors.

We need to sweep and mop everyday just to keep up with them.

In order to keep up with all that cleaning, we need high quality products that can keep up with the amount of work required. Many of the cleaning products we have tried in the past just do not hold up well to this type of demand. I mean, my husband has managed to snap the last two broom handles in half after only a few uses.                                      

We recently received some new cleaning products from Libman to try out and see if they could hold up to our demands and help us clean our home more efficiently.

The Libman Company  is a family owned and operated broom, mop, and cleaning supply company based in the United States. With over a century of experience, Libman has built a name for themselves based on the quality of their products, most of which are made in North America.  Libman products can be found across Canada at Home Depot and select Lowes locations.

I received their Extra Large Angle Broom with Dust pan, the Freedom Spray Mop, the Tornado Mop and Scrub Sponges to review.




The scrub sponges were the first product I put to the test. What sets them apart from other scrubbers we have used before is the easy-rinse ripples and the handy suction hanger.

The scouring surface of the scrub sponge has deep grooves that act to provide more effective removal of even the most stuck-on food. The easy rinse ripples also prevent clogs, and easily rinses clean unlike other scrubbers that tend to get real nasty, real quickly.

Pots and pans in our home tend to get the pre-soaking treatment for awhile before they are tackled. I hate having dirty dishes sit around waiting to be washed, so I definitely appreciate how much easier it is to get them clean without all the sitting around and waiting. The scouring side is very effective at what it does, and the sponge wipes it all clean.



scrub-sponges 3


Once you are done it is simply a matter of ringing clean, ringing it out and then hanging it to dry on the suction cup hanger they come with (2 sponges in a package with a single hanger). This keeps your sink area clean and clear while the sponge is able to dry faster. Smart!

  spray-mop 3


The Freedom Spray Mop has so many fabulous features that I immediately threw out our old spray mop. Seriously. It has everything I have ever wanted in a spray mop, and I can almost guarantee it has every feature you have ever thought your spray mop was lacking.



First, it comes with a machine washable pad that can be washed ans reused up to 100 times before needing to be replaced. No more expensive disposable pads.


spray-mop 2


Second, you are free to choose your own cleaning liquid. No more expensive re-fill cleaning solutions that you are stuck using. Instead you can use the floor cleaner you already use and love. 

Libman does have their own Freedom Cleaners you can use, but I have not tried them. Instead we used what we had on hand and simply diluted with water as if we were using a normal wet mop.


spray-mop 4


The spray mechanism is effective, and easy to use with a trigger on the handle of the mop, and unlike our previous wet mop, it does not require batteries.

You might understand now why it’s called the Freedom mop. Freedom from disposable pads, freedom to choose your own cleaner, and free from batteries.

I found the Freedom spray mop to be easy to use, and great for quickly cleaning up juice spills along with everything else that ends up stuck to the floor after sweeping without scratching the laminate floor. Combined with all the features of this spray mop, I feel like I’ve found my forever spray mop. I mean, what more could you want in a spray mop?




Next up is the Tornado Mop.


tornado-mop 2


We had been using a wet mop with cotton loops but the mop head had to be replaced every-time it got too dirty to work effectively. We also don’t have a tub with a wringer so we had to wear gloves to mop so we could wring it out by hand. It was a giant pain in ways I didn’t think could be relieved.


tornado-mop 3


Hello Tornado Mop! This mop features heavy duty cotton yarn loops on a mop head that can be removed – and machine washed. Yeah. No waste here!




We also no longer need to wear gloves to mop the floor and all without upgrading to a higher end bucket. You see…


tornado-mop 4


The Tornado Mop features a “Grip ‘N Click” Ratchet that wrings out the water. It’s as easy as pulling the mop head up to the ratchet and twisting to wring out the water. Then you simple push it back down and you are ready to mop again.

Seriously life changing. The wringer gets enough of the water out of the cotton loops that floors get clean, but they also dry quicker too.

I love to use the Tornado Mop on the weekend  to bring out the shine in our floors and get rid of foot prints and random marks that scuff the floor. It really does leave the floor sparkling clean and quickly too!




Last, but not least, is the Extra Large Angle Broom with Dust pan.

Guys, I was really excited to discover that the handle is made from extra strong steel. There shall be no snapping of the broom handle while my husband exuberantly sweeps the floor.

It is meant for indoor and outdoor use but we only use it inside, without old inside broom now relegated to the garage and outdoors. I like that it is angled and able to get into corners without a struggle. The dust pan is also pretty solid, it’s not the usual flimsy plastic type of dust pan which makes using it so much easier.


extra-large-broom 2


Overall I am really impressed with the quality of products that Libman has to offer. It is obvious that they have put a lot of thought into their products and worked in all the details a person might want in their cleaning supplies. I mean seriously, what attention to detail and quality.

Libman products are available to purchase at a retailer near you in both Canada and the United States. I challenge you to see for yourself how quality cleaning tools from Libman can help make cleaning more effective and efficient.

For more details about any of these products or The Libman Company, you can connect on their Facebook or twitter pages! 

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Scrub Sponges with Suction Hanger


Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by The Libman Company. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Saturday 21st of September 2019

I'm here on a (so far fruitless) search for understandable instructions about how to replace the mop head on the &%*(^$# Tornado Mop. The video on the Libman site features some half-wit bimbo going through the motions at 80 miles an hour. I'm mega-annoyed and totally fed up with Libman.

Carol M

Sunday 4th of September 2016

I'd like to try out the Tornado mop as I love the name and less squeezing for me.


Sunday 4th of September 2016

I would love to try the The Tornado Mop as it looks like it would do a great job cleaning

Caryn Coates

Saturday 3rd of September 2016

Would love to try the Tornado Mop on my hardwood floors.

Janice Cournoyer

Friday 2nd of September 2016

I would like to try the mop! It looks like very good quality! I am always replacing mine every few months