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#FollowYourFeet with @KEENcanada!

Follow your Feet with KEEN!

Boy.  Hasn’t it it been such a miserably long, cold winter?  It is May and only now does it feel like we’ve experienced a hint of spring. 

Come Spring I feel like I can get back into my usual routine which usually includes walking the baby for an hour or two outside every day.  Of course this year I have a brand new baby to bring along, which makes things just a little more fun.  It’s nice to get back into that particular routine after being cooped up all winter.  All of us are itching for the outdoors.

So, can you blame for taking advantage of the very first truly warm, almost hot day and go for a walk with Ava while Keira napped?  I grabbed my brand new KEEN sandals and hit the street with Ava in her stroller to go for a walk down the trail system near me.

Follow your Feet with KEEN!

It’s nice living in a big city for the convenience and the variety of entertainment and shopping options, but what I love about my city is all the green!  Of course, now that we have warm weather things are truly starting to get green again as I witnessed on my walk.

I love walking as far as I can down the trail and just taking in nature and the quiet around me.  What I don’t about walking the trail inevitably comes down to footwear.

You know that first time you wear that new pair of sandals?  You get going and going and suddenly you realize that your foot is in extreme pain between lacerations and blisters.  I used to think that was just a necessary part of sandal season.

Follow your Feet with KEEN!

Imagine my pleasure when I got as far as I had planned to walk with Ava without even a hint or sign of a blister or laceration. New sandals without having to pay for them with blood and tears, what a wonder!

After a long Winter of not walking, I was also pleased to find that I wasn’t feeling fatigued at all yet.  I was even a little bit tempted to keep going. 

Now KEEN explains all this, saying that they have lightened up the fit and protection they are known for to make every step a natural connection.  The sandal enhances the natural flexibility of the foot and also improves ground contact.


Follow your Feet with KEEN!

On top of all that, these KEEN sandals are just delightfully comfortable.  The arches are just perfect for my feet and the drawstrings ensure a great fit. Thanks to the design of the KEEN sandals I also didn’t have to worry about the rougher type terrain of the trail.

Since I had gotten as far as I had planned, I took the time to sit and relax on a bench along the trail with Ava and just really kick back (literally) and take in nature.


Follow your Feet with KEEN!

I was really able to take notice of spring starting to set in and taking hold.  Buds on the branches, the grass returning to its usual green and birds all around singing happily.

I was seeing the signs of spring everywhere kissed with the promise of summer coming on its heels.

Follow your Feet with KEEN!

I can’t wait for the continued warm weather and for the chance to go on more walking adventures through my beautiful city in my comfortable new KEEN Sandals.

Don’t these views just make you want to get up from that couch, and away from that desk to go and see where your feet will take you?

Follow your Feet with KEEN!

It is wonderful what can happen when you can walk in comfort and just follow your feet with KEEN!


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Disclosure:  As part of Chatelaine Tasters & Testers, I receive product for review. However all views are my my own.



Tuesday 25th of November 2014

I love the look of these sandles

kathy downey

Monday 13th of October 2014

Wow, These look so comfortable .


Friday 18th of July 2014

Sandals are my go to footwear in the spring, summer and fall. Love the colour

Darlene W

Saturday 14th of June 2014

Amazing colour profiled, they sure look comfortable

Victoria Ess

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

I love my Keens and cannot wait to take them camping and hiking this summer! You picked a great colour!