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Fabulous ways to reuse Plastic Jugs

Re-purposing household containers is a great way to not only recycle but to save yourself money on everything from gardening tools to decorations.  Everything from bleach jugs to laundry detergent containers can be reused for these fabulous ideas.  I have outlined a few of my favourite ideas below but i have found many more and pinned them on a board with the same name as this blog post to share with my readers.

Bleach Jug Santa
For as long as I can remember my mother had a bleach jug Santa decorating the wall at Christmas time.  This past year I was happy to have it passed on to me.  It seems almost unsurprising that this cute DIY decoration has spanned generations as a how to guide was quickly found on Thrifty Fun.


Plastic jugs can make great planters or even be used  for molds to make one of a kind concrete planters.  Apartment Therapy has written an amazing how to guide to create the concrete planters seen above.
Watering Can
Here’s another simple gardening-related re-purposing idea.  This DIY “watering can” which is made from a plastic jug. For how-to DIY details see A journey to a dream blog. 
Storage Solutions

These storage ideas were found on Thrifty Tickle.  The first was made from 2 gallon water bottles.  The second is a thirfty way to organize small garage or workroom hardware by using empty laundry detergent bottles. The sturdy handle makes an ideal storage container as well as a convenient place to label.

Laurie Bolduc

Thursday 18th of October 2012

Omg my mom use to make those santa's I actually still have one that she made me. Awesome idea also with the different ways to use the plastic jugs... especially the watering can one. PERFECT FOR YOUNGER KIDS!