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Easy Front Hall Makeover


This Easy Front Hall Makeover wasn't just about organization but also a fab home decor diy project too!

We recently moved into our new home and with a toddler and an infant on my hands things pretty much just got unpacked and put wherever it made sense at the time.  Now that everything is unpacked I am slowly working on setting up each room the way I want it. 

The living room is currently empty as we got rid of our old rec room furniture and replaced it with our old living room furniture.  I have a good idea as to how I want the living room to work but I haven’t had the time to actually go out and look at furniture. 

In the meantime, our front hall which is right off the living room area, was a horrid mess and already attracting clutter.  Not a good first impression!  My goal with this area was to accomplish an Easy Front Hall Makeover by decluttering and bring colour to the space without painting the walls or doing anything major.


Easy Front Hall Makeover

I decided the best way to go was to take this plain and kind of boring looking table and make it really pop in the space by painting it.

The second step in painting furniture is to sand it down. You want to get rid of any finishes that may be on the furniture so that your paint will stick properly.  Remove all dust with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

The first step?  Choosing your paint!


Easy Front Hall Makeover

I was sent Award Night from Behr’s MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Colour Collection in Semi-Gloss, specifically from the Opulence palette.  I’ve been thinking of doing two grey loveseats with an accent chair in the livingroom with yellow thrown in.  Perhaps Pillows and a Rug?  I knew the rich tone of Award Night would work beautifully with this palette but also keep other options open should I change my mind.

Easy Front Hall Makeover

I told you I wanted to do something easy, and honestly this project couldn’t have been any easier.  With one coat I had a beautifully painted table for my front hall.  Don’t you just love the bold colour?

I did apply some clear coat as the table will no doubt see heavy traffic, probably including keys thoughtlessly thrown at it.  Its just a good idea to give high-traffic furniture a little extra protection even if the paint offers a durable finish itself. 

Easy Front Hall Makeover

 The next step was to stage the area with both items for aesthetics as well as with stuff I needed.  Like my growing giant stack of magazines I keep meaning to read. 

I basically purged the area of everything that was there before because it just wasn’t working. Read on for some tips to help you declutter, it will make as much difference as updating a boring piece of furniture, I promise!


Easy Front Hall Makeover

8 Tips for Decluttering Your Front Hall

Your front hall/entryway tends to be the first thing visitors see, so make sure you are always ready to make a great impression by following these tips to keep this area clutter free. 

1)  Begin by hanging up any in-season coats or jackets that belong in the hall closet or on a coat-rack that have made their way elsewhere.  This is also a good time to remove out of season outerwear and accessories elsewhere, especially off the coat-rack.  The same goes for shoes.

2) Determine what you want to keep, what you want to get rid of and what can be moved elsewhere.  Minimise, minimise, minimise!

3) Designate a spot for mail but toss the junk mail immediately.

4)  Keep only the two most recent volumes of a magazine and recycle the rest.  I like to cut out the articles I am most interested in and keep them in a binder in my office area to refer to later. Straighten piles.

5) Don’t forget to clean the area: Dust, Sweep, Vacuum etc…

6) Take 5 minutes on a designated day every week to do a quick up-keep of the area.

7) Teach Your Family to put things where they belong.  Banisters are not coat racks.  Tables are not coat racks. Door handles are not coat racks. Only the coat rack is a coat rack.  Repeat after me. 

8)  Front Halls tend to be busy places so keeping decoration pieces to a minimum will go a long way towards having a decluttered look. 


  This Easy Front Hall Makeover wasn't just about organization but also a fab home decor diy project too with a little BEHR paint!


Rosanne Robinson

Sunday 29th of November 2015

Love the colour and extra storage shelves can be used in every room, your versatile solution looks great!

Debbie S.

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

I love what you have done. such a nice fresh color you used on the bookshelf. Looks great!

kathy downey

Monday 8th of September 2014

I got a piece at a yard sale think I will try to redo this fall

Suzie M

Sunday 31st of August 2014

I love the color & decluttering makes every space look better

Amy Lovell

Tuesday 26th of August 2014

Thanks this looks awesome such a gereat job!