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7 Tips for Outdoor Holiday Decorating

7 Tips for Outdoor Holiday Decorating

Many people get into the spirit of decorating for the holidays by decking their house in holiday fare. While most focus on the inside, some extend those decoration to the outside, as well. If you want the whole neighbourhood to see your excitement for the holidays, try these great tips for  Outdoor Holiday Decorating.


Find your centre

Just like a table needs a centrepiece, so does your home. Is it your front door? Or is it a spot on your porch? Whatever it is, make your centre something that draws the eye in. For example, a wreath made of pine cones and fake florals, or a grouping of pumpkins, can look wonderful for Fall, which is right around the corner! By centring a piece you really love, you can build your whole theme around it. 

Pick a theme

After you have found your centre, pick a theme using the centrepiece you want in it. This will keep you on track and ensure you have a cohesive and fluid design. It will also make sure you don’t overspend by buying items you don’t really need. 

Less can be more

Just because the Smith’s next door go all out doesn’t mean you have to. There can be too many decorations on one home, so don’t overdo it and drown out your style with too many flashy lights and large pieces. Keep it simple and easy, classy and tasteful.

Light it up

At night, when the stars are out and people are driving by, will they see your home and your beautiful decorations? Remember- it gets darker earlier this time of year, so you will want to make sure your home is well-lit. This can be a safety precaution, as well. White Christmas lights are a classy option that work well throughout the holidays, or you can get solar powered walkway lights that come alive when it gets dark.

Add in something unexpected

To really get people’s attentions, try adding in a touch of the unexpected. How about a fully decorated Christmas tree outside? Or maybe a large Scarecrow on the front lawn? Anything that is out of the ordinary will set your house apart and make people stop to admire your work.

Shop Second-Hand

Thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and consignment shops can yield some surprising finds for holiday decorations. If you prefer vintage or recycled items, these are definitely the places to check. You can get things that no one else has at a fraction of the cost of retail.

Reuse and Re-purpose

Don’t buy specific items for just one holiday and be done with them. Reuse things! For example, pumpkins form Halloween can be spray painted white and turned into snowmen for Christmas. Reusing items will stretch your budget across several holidays and you can keep your decorations looking fresh and new without a whole lot of change or effort.


7 Tips for outdoor Holiday Decorating. - ideas that work for Christmas, Halloween and more! Tasteful decor made easy!

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kathy downey

Monday 15th of December 2014

Lots of tips going to do my tree this weekend

kathy downey

Tuesday 9th of December 2014

Hubby doing the decorating so I have passed the tip to him

Victoria Ess

Saturday 6th of December 2014

Great tips! Second hand stores are GREAT for picking decorations.

kathy downey

Wednesday 19th of November 2014

I like the idea of large Scarecrow on the front lawn,this would be cool !

Judy Cowan

Tuesday 4th of November 2014

All great decorating tips. We have scaled down our decorations over the last few years and have been going with the less is more tip!