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7 Reasons Why I Can’t Live Without my Tablet #IntelCanada


When Tablets first became a thing, I have to admit that I didn’t quite get it.  I mean they aren’t quite a laptop and they aren’t quite a smartphone yet they have many capabilities of each device.  So I resisted…because I already had a smartphone and I already had a laptop.

Now I can’t live without my tablet.  It all started near the end of last year when I reviewed the HP Steam 7, then I got another tablet shortly after from a rare twitter party win.  Now you might wonder how one goes from avoiding tablets to needing two in their lives… but really it all makes sense.  Ava was born shortly after and since we were breastfeeding, we spent a lot of time together in the first few months feeding.   It was pretty awesome at that point to be able to watch Netflix for the marathon feeds knowing I could just switch right over to the fully charged tablet if need be.  Super handy when you are so exhausted you forget to charge up the tablet you last used.

Fast forward a few months and I was invited to be an Intel Insider and that is right around when my life really changed and addiction set in.  So here is why I went from not needing it to being totally addicted in 2014.


1) In the Kitchen

I talked about this is my post “My Top 10 Essential Kitchen Tools“, but cooking seriously has never been easier.  I can bring up my recipe and refer to it right off the tablet saving myself the frustration of cookbooks flipping their pages around and saving trees by not having to print off the recipe.

2) Money Saving Apps

There are now different apps around that let you save even more by uploading your grocery receipts to them!  Snap by Groupon and  Checkout51 (Earn $5 Bonus for Signing up & Uploading your first receipt) are two of my favourite although there are others out there.  Other useful apps include Flipp and Shopwise for flyers and sales.

3) Tons of Games

I don’t generally have a lot of downtime between the girls and work but every now and then I can catch a few minutes to recharge by playing some fun and simple games.  There are always a ton of free games available to download and the larger screen size of a tablet makes it more enjoyable than playing on a phone.

4) E-Books

Admittedly I don’t ever sit down to intentionally read an e-book.  I love the experience of holding a real bo0ok in my hand, but thanks to reading apps I can keep a few e-books on my tablet “just in case”.    This is super handy for the 40 minute wait at the doctors office.

5) Productivity

I have the full office suite installed on my tablet so in a pinch I am able to be just as productive on my tablet as I am on my laptop.  This is a really great option for when I am travelling and need to write a blog post or keep up my notes or track expenses, and all of this is so much easier to do on my Asus Transformer 10.1 tablet thanks to the attachable keyboard.

6)  Social Media

I can easily and quickly check in on my social media accounts which is important as not only a blogger, but as a person living in this day and age.

7)  Netflix

We are a family addicted to netflix.  I already mentioned how it got me through the early days of breastfeeding but  now paired with a tablet it is the perfect way to keep the girls happy in the kitchen while I prepare our meals.   I love the ability to watch tv no matter which room I am in and off a screen just large enough for comfortable personal viewing.


…and that is how intel powered tablets changed and improved my life all over the course of a single year.


Why can’t you live without your tablet?


I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel Canada.

Victoria Ess

Tuesday 7th of April 2015

I still haven't purchased a tablet as I think much the same as you used to -- that I already have a laptop and smartphone. I'm sure I'll cave soon!

kristy e

Sunday 11th of January 2015

I'm defiantly addicted to social media (Facebook) and love playing angry birds friends (another addiction)

Monica Parlee

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

I just have a small tablet from Kobo that is a reader and doubles as a bit of a tablet. Honestly though, unless I am writing a blog post or some other involved activity, this Kobo is most often my "computer" of choice. I often take it with me when I go out and know delays are inevitable, it is my go-to kitchen device, I use it to read books and also when just sitting or watching TV. The the font is much larger than a phone and that makes it perfect for my less than awesome