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6 Winter Break Activities for Families

 6 Winter Break Activities for Families

Winter months are upon us again, and that means the weather is going to be cooling down. More and more people are going to be staying indoors and away from the chill, but what about your kids? We all know that it is a great things for kids and adults alike to get some fresh air, but what can you all do in the chilly winter months? Plenty! Try these great Winter Break Activities with your kids this holiday.
Sledding, snowing, skiing

All of these things involve some level of skill, but not you don’t have to be an expert of any to have fun. Don’t have the equipment? Get a trash can lid and sled down some snowy hills!

No-snow alternative: don’t have snow, but still have cold air? Go roller blading outside and play some street hockey! Or play a sports game in the cold to get your blood pumping. You will really enjoy the warmth of your home after that.


Snow Angels

Fall back, spread-eagle, and make some snow angels in the new snow fall. Be sure to take pictures, because this is a wintertime favorite that makes for pretty photos.

No-snow alternative: If you don’t have snow to do this, you can use a bottle of baby powder ($1 at the Dollar Tree). Just pour it on some concrete and do the same snow angel steps.


Snow Ball Fights

This one needs no explanation. Have fun and get to tossing!

No-snow alternative: If it isn’t too cold, you can do war water balloons outside. Wear a rain poncho and have fun! Just be sure to come inside and change clothing if anyone gets too cold. 


Build a snowman

You can build a snowman and dress it up however you like, and this is great for the whole family. How about having everyone make their own snowman to make a whole family of them to reflect your family?

No-snow alternative: Get outside and make a snowman out of cardboard boxes. You can make a snowless yard look more winter-like with fake snowmen. You can also use old pumpkins form your Thanksgiving or Fall decorations. Paint them white, stack them up, and decorate them for winter.


Ice fishing

If you like fishing, you don’t have to stop in the winter. You can do ice fishing!

No-snow alternative: Fish still bite in the winter… or at least some varieties. If you can’t go fishing, go hiking or hunting!


Read Outdoors

Bundle up with a blanket, grab a hot cup of cider or hot cocoa, and sit on your porch, balcony, patio, or deck to read a book. Relax and enjoy the feeling of warmth as the cold air surrounds you.

No-snow alternative: You can do the same thing even without snow!


Victoria Ess

Sunday 5th of April 2015

Reading outdoors sounds really nice!

kristy e

Thursday 25th of December 2014

All wonderful ideas!! My daughter loves to make snow angels, but reading a book outside is a new activity we will try!!


Wednesday 24th of December 2014

Hmm, reading outdoors would be a new one for us but it does sound like a lovely activity!

Judy Cowan

Wednesday 24th of December 2014

All great ideas! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Darlene Schuller

Wednesday 24th of December 2014

these are some great suggestions!! I also engage the children in shovelling! lol even the wee ones :)