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Toddler Social Development Milestones to Watch For

Your Baby just turned one and is starting to walk. Congrats! You have a toddler! Now you need to know these Toddler Social Development Milestones to watch for.



Once your child turns one, they have officially entered the toddler years. The years between one and three are filled with many wonders as your child learns and grows in many ways.  They will of course start hitting the usual toddler growth and development milestones but your toddler’s social skills are one of the things that will also develop during this time. Continue reading to find out more about the toddler social development milestones to watch for.

Talking is a major social milestone for your toddler. Your child probably says a few words already, but as they grow, you can expect more words to be added to their vocabulary. As your child continues to age, you can expect those words to become phrases, and those phrases to become sentences. By age three, your child will be able to effectively communicate.

Sense of Humour
Your toddler’s sense of humour is a wonderful social milestone to look for. As your toddler grows, you’ll notice that they develop their own personality and sense of humour, finding many things funny. This milestone will be filled with many joyful giggles and smiles.

Manners and Rules
Another way your toddler will develop socially is by learning different manners and rules. You can help set the precedent for this by modelling the manners you want your child to follow, such as saying, “Please,” and “Thank you.” You’ll also want to start setting rules, giving your child expectations when it comes to behaviour.

Dressing Self
Toddlers will also begin to dress themselves, and maybe picking out the clothes that they want to wear. Even if their selection doesn’t match it’s important to allow your toddler to express himself or herself through the clothes they choose.  When they are allowed to choose their own clothes, your toddler will gain more confidence in themselves.

In addition to learning how to socialize with others, you can expect to see your toddler start caring about looking nice when going out. As your toddler gets older, they will begin to groom themselves, including brushing their teeth and hair. You can help your toddler move towards this milestone by providing age appropriate grooming tools, such as a toothbrush or hair brush that fits in their little hands.

What toddler social milestones do you enjoy seeing in your child?



Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I remember comparing our kids to other I would see at playgroup wondering if something was wrong cause our kid couldn't do what others the same age were doing But nothing to fear they just developed later than some. Scary times!!

Dandi D

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

These are good to know, but I always remind myself not to compare my children with others, because they all develop at their own rate.

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

I remember when we moved to Canada for a 4 yr deployment, one of my sons would play with a buddy. What I didn't know was that he never spoke (he did at home though), suddenly my friend rushed downstairs as she thought there was a stranger in the house. It was my son who was speaking English for the very first time and his deep voice shocked her. He went from not speaking a word of English to talking in full sentences over night. He's now a teacher in England.

Laurie P

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

talking was a little delayed here, but once she got


Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Keira was really delayed too and since she was a preemie and followed by a hundred different doctors she was put into the waiting list for speech therapy because of it. By the time she had her evaluation appointment though she had gone from maybe 3 words to talking in full sentences practically overnight! It was almost like she just didn't want to talk before then but was capable of it. lol