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That’s Not the Monster We Ordered by Richard Fairgray



The day the Turner family gets their very own monster is a momentous event in the neighborhood. Everyone gathers for the occasion. The monster can roar louder than a lion, leap down the stairs better than any Slinky, and eat grass so no one needs to mow. Based on the Turners’ experience, investing in a monster seems like a great idea!

Except, the monster that shows up isn’t the monster they ordered at all. Their monster likes to pull pranks and paint murals, and when he eats grass, he gets gas! He isn’t a good baker and he smells! Will the family return their defective monster? Or will the monster find a way to win their love?

That’s Not the Monster We Ordered is a fun twist on household pets but full of enough silly antics to warrant rereads. As in Gorillas in Our Midst and My Grandpa Is a Dinosaur, Fairgray and Jones have blended imagination into the real world, creating an entertaining story everyone will enjoy.


My kids love reading My Grandpa is a Dinosaur, it’s such a fun and silly story. That’s Not the Monster we Ordered is another great picture book by Richard Fairgray with another silly story featuring a family who gets a monster who doesn’t quite live up to their expectations.

You will find yourself catching new details in the illustrations with each read- many of which are quite funny. It’s a nice bedtime read featuring Monsters who could easily fit in on Sesame Street so this could be a good book for kids who are afraid of monsters.

That’s Not the Monster we Ordered is a fun, silly story well worth picking up for kids aged 3-6 years old.

Laurie P

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

what a great title, sounds like a fun story my girl would really enjoy!