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Thanksgiving Celebrations – Make a Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving Celebrations – Make a Gratitude Tree

I usually talk to my three year old daughter Elle before I tuck her into the bed. She tells me whatever she has done during the day, and the things that made her happy. It’s a good thing to be grateful for whatever gives you happiness. And since Thanksgiving is approaching, it is the perfect time to show your gratitude. How about doing this with a simple and easy DIY Thanksgiving gratitude tree? Below are some basic tips to make it.


Things you will need:

Colored paper, some tree branches, a vase,  some rocks and string. If you have any paper or string left over from your craft kits such as Kiwi Crate craft for kids, you could use that too.



As I really wanted the tree to be different and creative, I used some thick paper with different patterns on both sides. Also, if your kids are too young to write (like my daughter) they could draw whatever they are grateful for or you can ask them and write it on the leaves.



1. Take a sheet of thick paper (thick enough to be durable for little kids)

2. Draw the shape of a leaf on it and cut it out.

3. This leaf cutout will now serve as your template for the other leaves, so all leaves will be of the same size. If you want, you can cut leaves of different sizes.

4. Punch a hole in the leaves and tie a piece of string to each. I have taken white string, but you can use colored string, ribbons or yarn as well.

5. Put the pebbles in the vase and stick the twigs in it.

6. Ask your children to write about the things they are grateful for.

7. Now tie the leaves to the tree.


With the thanksgiving gratitude trees, you can teach your children to be grateful about what they have and see the better part of every situation.

I think that it’s important to be grateful for every little thing in life. The more you feel grateful for things, the more the universe gives you to be grateful for.


About the Author

Amy Lee is a mother who loves to write. Her blog The Connection We Share is one of the top mommy blogs of Vancouver. It provides insight to parents about bonding with their children with fun activities such as baking, photography, and crafting etc. She likes to use images of her children to create the best photo books of their childhood. You can find Amy on Facebook and Google+.

Tricia Hope

Friday 14th of October 2016

What a great idea!When my kids were small we went around the thanksgiving table and said what we were thankful for.Wish I had written down some of them were priceless!

Debbie White Beattie

Sunday 2nd of October 2016

This is such a great idea and it helps for everyone to reflect on things they're grateful for

Elva Roberts

Thursday 8th of October 2015

I think this Thanksgiving Tree is a great idea for a family with children of any age. It gives them all chance to realize that they have much for which to be thankful. Thank you for this great idea.

Elizabeth Vlug

Friday 4th of September 2015

I think this idea would be wonderful for those big family dinners. For adults and children. Have everyone write something as they come in, and then read them all after you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast. Thank you for sharing. Love this one.

Elva Roberts

Friday 10th of July 2015

I think a Gratitude Tree is a wonderful idea. Adults may be guilty of not being thankful for their lives as well. This would give both parents and children a chance to be grateful for their many blessings.